US News: Steffen's alarming appeal: "Maybe even clearer response"

ARD speaks with Steffen Henssler via afternoon show

 ARD speaks with Steffen Henssler via afternoon show Berlin. Does TV Koch Steffen Henssler get a afternoon show in the first? At least there are first discussions between ARD and the star chef. A competition for ZDF "kitchen battle" should not be the show. © Henning Kaiser The TV Koch Steffen Henssler runs when recording the Vox Kochshow The ARD speaks with the TV Koch Steffen Henssler over a afternoon show in the first. However, the project is still in the early phase, as on Tuesday at the transmitter chain was to be found.

It is not just the lasting Wolfsburg ionless series that seems most disturbing. VFL-Profi Renato Steffen has made a loss of fundamental, especially in cooperation.

Würde die Wölfe gerne wachrütteln: Renato Steffen. © Imago Images / Hübner would like to shake the wolves: Renato Steffen.

Wolfsburg continues in the negative spiral

so bad, as Renato Steffen the balance of the VfL Wolfsburg in his answer again seizure, she is not yet. Of ten consecutive games without a victory, the Swiss had mistakenly spoken on Tuesday night when a question was in the room - there were only a few minutes past 1: 3 in the Champions League at RB Salzburg "first". However, this did not change the extremely significant words Steffens, especially since the third Wolfsburger compulsory Pieliedeslage in series additionally alerted.

BYGMALION CASE. Thirteen of the first convicts call

 BYGMALION CASE. Thirteen of the first convicts call © Christophe Archambault / AFP former President Sarkozy is one of the thirteen convicts who appeal their judgment. A new trial will therefore take place in this case of the illegal financing of the presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012.

"We sleep after two minutes," said the 29-year-old with a view of the three goals; First, the VfL made a flash residue, later a doubt defense chaos according to Salzburg standard situations in his own penalty area: "It was amateur as we defended the corners." Especially the defensive susceptibility of the team increases more and more eclatant trains, occupied by twelve counterparts in the past five games. That the Bundesliga sixth last time remained without goal, is already seven games back, at 0: 0 in Lille.

Wolfsburg has lost its TRUMPF

that defensive stability, which has been significantly - perhaps even the cause - for the past development of the club in the younger past, the team has now been lost. And apparently a lot more. "A few things have gone a bit lost in the last weeks," clarified Steffen. The offensive player spoke of virtues, work. And that the Wolfsburger in Salzburg had both had to miss in the collective interaction over wide routes. A fatal conclusion.

Tuberculosis: Deaths go on the rise because of COVID, WHO

 Tuberculosis: Deaths go on the rise because of COVID, WHO alerts Mariana Bazo / Reuters A scientist working on tuberculosis in a Peruvian laboratory, May 19, 2016. "The disruption of health services Essentials due to the coronavirus pandemic could begin to reduce the years of progress against tuberculosis, "warned the Director-General of WHO, while this disease is 4,100 dead per day in the world.

"I think you may have to appeal to that in the next few days," said Steffen. What will Mark Van Bommel be addressed. The coach held in his own replica to the game, but once again on the surface, said about the Siegloss series: "Of course that makes something with the trust." And some of the results last could have been different. Whether his tenor fails internally differently is not known, but he should probably better. Especially since his team - after she had caught in the second half of the 0: 1, in the second half, unaffectedly no longer appeared in the second half.

The way for the player

Steffen demanded that one again "defend together" to attack together ". Taking the way for the teammate, "too, if it hurts," was the prerequisite that "has awarded us last year, and at the beginning of the current season". Currently there is not much left. Van Bommel also agreed: "We are a team that comes about the cohesion. And if not at 100 percent, then we are a normal team."

How does the VFL come out of this spiral, in which one was injected according to Steffen? "If you help each other - and does not run the opponent". The next opportunity for a turn will be open on Saturday, against the SC Freiburg in the Bundesliga. "But that's just about work," says Steffen. He looked serious, self-critical - but not congested: "If we get it back, then we will also win the games in the Champions League." With only one point behind the second table space, the VFL remain all the chances.

Kimmich: Pressure from politics takes to .
to Karl Laudutbach and Steffen Seibert now also demands Horst Seehofer Joshua Kimmich to vaccinate. Seehofer had resisted himself half a year after a vaccination request. © Provided by Kimmich: Pressure from politics takes to Joshua Kimmich has taken care of its publicly expressed concerns over a corona vaccine for a lot of swirling. from politics have met many voices that want to convince him of immunization.

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