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US News: Nearly 200 people killed in floods in India and Nepal

China: 15 dead in floods, reopening mines

 China: 15 dead in floods, reopening mines © str This aerial photo taken on October 10, 2021 shows a flooded area after heavy rains in Jiexiu in the city of Jinzhong, in the Chinese province of Shanxi (North) At least 15 people lost life during floods in northern China, but most of the coal mines that had been closed were able to resume their activity, announced Tuesday a local manager. Shanxi, a province usually dried, received last week in five days three times normal rainfall for the whole month of October.

India and floods. Nepal and landslides. Once again, the subcontinent is the prey of murderer bad weather. At least 190 people died in these two countries after several days of devastating torrential rains that have buried whole families in their homes, according to the most recent official data.

The balance sheet in Nepal is 88 dead, including a family of six with three children. Their home has been destroyed by a sudden avalanche of land and debris. In India, the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand confirmed this Thursday the death of 55 people. Many bridges and roads have been damaged and several cities have been cut off from the world. The army has been used to restore contact and reach thousands of blocked people. Local authorities stated that the number of deaths could still grow up, many people still missing, including twenty tourists who made trekking on a glacier.

Robert Durst, American heir richness, sentenced to perpetuity for the murder of his best friend

 Robert Durst, American heir richness, sentenced to perpetuity for the murder of his best friend © provided by the Parisien the Parisian the sentence fell. Robert Durst , a 78-year-old multimillionaire, had been convicted in September for killing his friend Susan Berman of a bullet in the head at the home of the latter in 2000, in Beverly Hills, to prevent him from speaking to The police of the disappearance of his wife, Kathleen, two decades earlier. He scrolled this Thursday of a sentence in perpetuity.

Climate change

Five people were killed in Western Bengal State, in eastern India, where "mud, rocks and water rushing the darjeeling hills damaged nearly 400 houses " declared the Minister of Disaster Management, Javed Ahmed Khan, adding that " several thousand people were evacuated far from flood rivers. " "Several hundred tourists are blocked in the Darjeeling Mountain Station," said. Weather services have issued a red alert for Western Bengal, warning that extremely strong rainfall will continue this Thursday in Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Alipurdar.

in Kerala, in the south of the country, where 42 people have died since last week, the meteorological service has also warned against heavy rains to come in at least three districts of the state after a respite in recent days. In 2018, nearly 500 people had perished in this territory that had been ravaged by the worst floods in almost a century.

RDC: missions perilous the park ecoguards Virunga

 RDC: missions perilous the park ecoguards Virunga © Virunga National Park / AFP / File Park sources say at least 200 rangers-have paid with Their Lives in attacks going back more than a decade 's Virunga National Park, Africa's oldest park, is faced with many challenges. According to the management of the park, over 12% of its area is now overgrown by local communities and armed groups. Illegal activities are organized, including the exploitation of natural resources. One of these activities is the illegal logging by armed men and civilians.

The more and more unpredictable and extreme weather conditions in the south of Asia in recent years are caused by climate change and exacerbated by deforestation and construction of dams, among others, according to experts .

The Red Cross, whose teams participate in rescue operations in both countries, warned people living in downstream against new threats related to the rise of flood waters and landslides. "Populations of Nepal and India are caught in sandwich between the pandemic and the worsening of climate disasters, which has a heavy impact on millions of lives and livelihoods," declared the organization .

bad weather in the southeast: four departments placed in vigilance orange rain flood .
A stormy episode arrives from the sea on the Var, while the heavy rains that affect the Cevennes are deployed to the east © G. Varela / 20 minutes Umbrellas will still suffer in the southeast.

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