US News: Italy: Avalanche of sick leave after the coming into force of the mandatory health pass

Italy. More than 50,000 people demonstrate in Rome to dissolve the neo-fascist groups

 Italy. More than 50,000 people demonstrate in Rome to dissolve the neo-fascist groups © Angelo Carconi / EPA / Maxppp Trade union unions CGIL, ICFTU and UIL have held an anti-fascist event in Rome, Italy, October 16th . Several Italian unions gathered in the streets of the Capital of the Country October 16 to request the dissolution of groups involved in violent manifestations against the sanitary pass.

De nombreux manifestants se réunissent chaque week-end en Italie, comme ici à Milan le 16 octobre dernier, pour manifester leur opposition au passe sanitaire obligatoire (Piero CRUCIATTI / AFP) © Piero Cruciatti Many protesters meet every weekend in Italy, as here in Milan on October 16, to express their opposition to the Mandatory Sanitary Pass (Piero Cruciatti / AFP)

The Mandatory Sanitary Pass is barely entered into force in Italy that disease stops explode. According to Italian social security, the country recorded an explosion of the number of sick leave since October 15, the date on which the passenger pass has become mandatory to go to work. Nearly three million Italian workers could see their employment contract and their suspended remuneration.

According to figures transmitted to AFP, Friday, October 15, 94,113 disease judgments were issued by treating physicians, compared with 76,836 a week earlier, an increase of about 28%. A suspicious leap, which led the Italian order of physicians to warn its members of the consequences, including sanctions, from the issuance of certificates out of rules, according to the Press Transalpine .

COVID-19. 1300 festival-goers called to be tested in Toulouse after two positive cases detected

 COVID-19. 1300 festival-goers called to be tested in Toulouse after two positive cases detected © Stéphane Geufroi / West France Nearly 1,300 people participated in this festival of music and Cuban dance, subject to the sanitary pass. (Picture of illustration) The ARS Occitanie recommended, Saturday, a screening at COVID-19 of the 1300 participants of the HOLÀ Cuba festival. Two cases of contamination were identified after the event that took place from October 8 to 10 in Toulouse and Bruguières. The sanitary pass is not infallible.

in parallel, a sharp rise in

video screening tests: France: the extension of the sanitary pass until 31 July endorsed by the Government (Dailymotion)

since October 15, the obligation to present the passenger pass been extended to all workplaces. Employees refusing to submit to a wage suspension, but presenting a sick stop allows you to not go to his work, while maintaining his salary.

On Monday, October 18, 192,174 disease decisions that were issued, compared with 165,061 a week earlier, an increase of about 16.4%. The introduction of the mandatory health care has also resulted in a significant increase in the number of rapid antigenic tests, with more than 900,000 tests made on Monday, about 600,000 Tuesday and 800,000 on Wednesday, according to the government's website.

First European country to have been affected by the epidemic in February 2020, Italy paid a heavy price with more than 130,000 dead. Rome has launched its vaccine campaign as early as December of the same year and nearly 82% of people over the age of 12 are now completely vaccinated (nearly 86% by counting those who received a first dose).

smaller stadiums, more equity capital: DFB decides measures for 3. League .
For one year, the so-called "Task Force Economic Stability 3. Liga" had worked on measures to stabilize the lowest German Profiliga. The DFB followed the recommendations of the Task Force and ensures some facilitation - but calls for more economic stability. © imago images / foto2press in the 3rd league grasp gradually and after comprehensive changes.

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