US News: Germany: Olaf Scholz prepares to govern December

Union falls in survey under 20 percent

 Union falls in survey under 20 percent Dusseldorf. All signs stand on traffic light coalition, and that seems to a new survey in the sense of the majority of electorate. CDU and CSU continue to lose consent - also the opinion of the Chancellor's question is clear. © Kay Nietfeld The Union from above: CDU and CSU continue to sink in the surveys. The Union has lost more in the current polish barometer.

  Allemagne : Olaf Scholz se prépare à gouverner dès décembre © AFP

The Germany should have a new Chancellor before Christmas: Social Democrats, Ecologists and Liberals unveiled Thursday the ambitious calendar of their negotiations to install OLAF Scholz at the country's orders early December.

Despite their differences, the three parties have been conducting discussions at a sustained pace, with the desire to send an image of efficiency and dynamism.

giving the kickoff of official negotiations to finalize their unprecedented alliance, they announced wishing to give birth to a coalition contract at the end of November, so that the leader of the Social Democrats, Olaf Scholz, take the succession of Angela Merkel "in the week of December 6".

ADAC: Diesel price rises on record high ministry refers to measures to diesel prices on antitrust office

 ADAC: Diesel price rises on record high ministry refers to measures to diesel prices on antitrust office Diesel is so expensive to petrol stations in Germany as never before. © Provided by Servais Mont / Getty Images In the nationwide daily average of Sunday, the price was 1.555 euros per liter, as the ADAC announced on Monday. He surpassed the previous record of 1.554 euros per liter of 26 August 2012 minimally. Also gasoline approaches the highest level. Super the variety E10 was 1,667 euros per liter on Sunday. This only lacks 4.2 cents to the record of 1.709 euros on September 13,

The calendar is "ambitious", acknowledged Volker Wissing, Secretary-General of the Liberal Party FDP, while the German media already qualifies M. Scholz de "Chancellor de la Saint-Nicolas", Vivacia tradition in Germany celebrated on the same date .

The first European economy will then be directed for the fourth time in its history by a social democratic chancellor after Willy Brandt (1969-1974), Helmut Schmidt (1974-1982) and Gerhard Schröder (1998-2005).

divergence on finances

last Friday, the three parties had laid the basics of their alliance "fire tricolor", with reference to the colors associated with each party, presenting a 12-page government agreement recapitulating their points okay And the reforms they intend to conduct in the coming four years.

Germany: The Future Coalition aims for an entry according to Olaf Scholz in early December

 Germany: The Future Coalition aims for an entry according to Olaf Scholz in early December © Michael Sogn, AP Olaf Scholz, current German Minister of Finance, member of the Social Democrat Party (SPD), upon arrival to a new Negotiations with representatives of the Greens and Liberals of the FDP, in Berlin, October 21, 2021.

Among the compromises found: no tax increase, respect for debt limitations, an exit objective of the advanced coal at 2030, the increase in the minimum hourly wage at 12 euros.

Many topics, however, remain to be settled to define the roadmap of a future government, particularly on how to finance the massive investments claimed by the Greens and the SPD while the Liberals are uncompromising on the respect of budgetary constraints.

Video: Germany: Olaf Scholz receives flowers after the victory of the Social Democrats (AFP)

to avoid an arm of iron with these last opposites to any increase in taxation, social democrats and Ecologists have already called for "being creative", suggesting the implementation of an abundant public fund structure that would partially circumvent the brake rule for debt.

Ecologists and FDP have also started a weapon pass in the media, each claiming the key ministerial portfolio of finances.

Election-Ticker-HABAG - will not give much change in taxes

 Election-Ticker-HABAG - will not give much change in taxes Berlin, 24 Oct (Reuters) - it will follow current developments after the federal election and for coalition formation: 22.20 clock - Green co-boss Robert Dabeck admits, that the traffic lights parties can not decide large changes in the control area. With the FDP, there could be no reforms in asset or inheritance tax, says DAUL in the ARD. This also lacks the scope for relief elevations elsewhere. These could only give it if the economic upswing is back for more tax revenue.

The head of the Liberals, Christian Lindner, has never hidden his ambition to recover this ministerial morocco, also coveted by the co-director of the Greens Robert Habeck.

"We have very different tax policy ideas. The competition is there, without a doubt. Confidence that this will happen as agreed to be proved," he said Sunday in an interview in ARD.

Tight Calendar

Thursday, the three courses detailed the schedule of future meetings, including the Party of Angela Merkel, great loser of the legislative of 26 September, is only spectator.

Political experts will be divided into 22 working groups to deepen the government agenda and will meet almost daily to achieve a synthesis by November 10th.

"We will require a lot of working groups, a concentrated job, a lot of commitment and presence, because we are very ambitious," Wissing explained.

The main party leaders will then take the hand to finalize the document in order to reach a final agreement at the end of November.

Each training will have to validate the latter, at a special Congress for the FDP and an online vote with members for ecologists.

He will return to Parliament to officially elect Olaf Scholz, a centrist who occupies the Ministry of Finance, to succeed Angela Merkel to Chancellery.

If they hold their deadlines, the three parties will deprive Merkel, a few days ago, the political longevity record held by his Mentor Helmut Kohl remained in position 5.870 days.

The last coalition negotiations, four years ago, had traumatic the country by extending more than five months: the Conservatives had attempted at first to get along with the Greens and the FDP but the latter had finally decided to Withdraw from the discussions, forcing the CDU to ally with the SPD.

21/10/2021 18:36:15 - Berlin (AFP) - © 2021 AFP

Kühnert, Schwesig or Klingbeil - who wants to lead the SPD in the shadow of King Olaf? .
Berlin. At the G20 summit in Rome, Olaf Scholz will be led by Angela Merkel as an unofficial chancellor. Suddenly there is a hole in the SPD. Party leader Walter-Borjans no longer likes. There is a lot of work on a new leadership. The election victory has covered problems, the status as a specialist party remains fragile. One could do it, who likes to be heavy weights.

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