US News: biden says that the US has committed to help with Taiwan

Taiwan: anguish and anger after the death of 46 people in a fire building

 Taiwan: anguish and anger after the death of 46 people in a fire building © Handout Firefighters fight against a fire in a building of Kaohsiung, October 14, 2021 in the south of Taiwan Flames left room for The anger and anguish Friday in Taiwan, in the aftermath of the death of 46 people in the fire of a dilapidated building from the south of the island, one of the most murderers in a residential building in 20 years in the world.

USA-Biden-Taiwan: Biden says the US has committed to help Taiwan

BIDEN DIT QUE LES USA SE SONT ENGAGÉS À PORTER SECOURS À TAÏWAN © Reuters / Jonathan Ernst Biden says the US has committed To help Taiwan

Baltimore (Reuters) - The United States is committed to defending Taiwan, which China claimed as its own territory, the US President Joe Biden said Thursday.

The White House, however, said later that no change had been made to US policy with regard to Taiwan.

"Yes, we are committed to doing it," said Joe Biden to CNN to the question of whether the United States would defend Taiwan, who complains of the growing military and political pressure exerted by Beijing.

Although Washington is held by the law to provide Taiwan with the means to defend itself, it has long applied a policy "strategic ambiguity" on the question of whether it intervene militarily to defend the island in the event of the possibility of a Chinese attack.

Hong Kong: a mother claims extradition to Taiwan from the murderer of her daughter

 Hong Kong: a mother claims extradition to Taiwan from the murderer of her daughter © Isaac Lawrence The mother of Poon Hiu-Wing, a young woman murdered by her boyfriend during a visit to Taiwan in 2018, after a press conference in Hong Kong on October 20, 2021 The mother of a Hong Kong murdered by her boyfriend has castigated Wednesday the authorities for having left the murderer of her daughter live free, a case that surrounds because Hong Kong Do not recognize Taiwan.

"I do not want to hire a cold war with China. I just want China understand that we will not retreat, that we will not come back to our positions," said Joe Biden.

In August, a Head of the Biden Administration stated that the US policy towards Taiwan had not changed after the President had appared to suggest that the United States would emerge to the island in case of attack.

A spokesman for the White House clarified Thursday that no change to this policy had been brought, refusing to answer the question of whether Joe Biden had not expressed himself.

"We will continue to support Taiwan's self-defense and we will continue to oppose any unilateral change in the status quo," he explained.

Taiwan will show a firm determination to defend itself, said Xavier Chang, spokesman of the Taiwanese presidential office, in a statement meeting Joe Biden's remarks and highlighting the continuous concrete actions of his administration to show his "solid support" like the rock "in Taiwan.

Military tensions between Taiwan and China have reached an unprecedented peak in more than four decades, "said Taiwanese Minister of Defense at the beginning of the month, that Beijing would have the means to carry out a" total "invasion of the island. By 2025.

(Report Trevor Hunnicutt with Michelle Nichols and Ben Blanchard; written by Mohammad Zargham; French version Camille Raynaud)

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