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US News: migrants: the German city of Eisenhüttenstadt, at the border with Poland, on the first line

The EU reflects on new sanctions against Minsk

 The EU reflects on new sanctions against Minsk Belarus-Politics-EU: The EU reflects on new sanctions against Minsk © Reuters / Ritzau Scanpix Denmark The EU reflects on new sanctions against Minsk Luxembourg ( Reuters) - The European Union will debate new economic sanctions against Belarus on Monday to increase the pressure on President Alexander Loukachenko, that the twenty-seven accuse of sending undocumented immigrants to Poland and the Baltic countries.

Des réfugiés pakistanais sur la pelouse du centre d'enregistrement des réfugiés à Eisenhuettenstadt le 9 septembre 2015. © AFP - Patrick Pleul Pakistani refugees on the lawn of the refugee center in Eisenhuettenstadt on September 9, 2015.

since The month of August, the number of refugees welcomed in Germany left on the rise. Thousands of Iraqis, Iranians and Afghans arrived by Poland and Belarus who agitates the migratory threat to protest the sanctions decreed by the European Union against the repressive Minsk regime. The small town of Eisenhüttenstadt at the border with Poland, where there is an emergency accommodation center, is on the front line.

With our correspondent in Berlin, Nathalie Versieux

Fleuron of the steel of the time of the RDA, the small town of Eisenhüttenstadt has since lost its superb. Half of the population has left the city since the fall of the wall and the disappearance of the industry. The businesses closed. Some rare retirees roamed the streets.

Direct Video. Polexit: Follow the Prime Minister Polish speech to the European Parliament

 Direct Video. Polexit: Follow the Prime Minister Polish speech to the European Parliament © AFP Prime Minister Polish, Morset Morawiecki, June 24, 2021 at a summit in Brussels in Belgium. The Head of the Polish Nationalist Conservative, Mateusz Morawiecki, goes on Tuesday to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, after the recent stroke of thunder caused by the decision of the Constitutional Court of Primalty of European law. The President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, must also be expressed on this occasion.

Many are worried about the arrival of the refugees, as Maria: "We see them walk in the streets. In summer, it was a lot of people of color. Now they come from everywhere. There was an era here, when we walked in the street, we had the impression of being in Syria, with all these women walking with a scarf. It had calmed down, many had been distributed towards the rest of Germany. And then now .... We were during the week with my husband in Poland, and we saw them out of the bushes, just at the border. But they had not seen that just before them was the police, and they got caught.

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Matthias, also retired, fears a return to Chaos of 2015, when Germany has Welcomed one million refugees in a few months . "The situation had become very calm," he says. They were much fewer. And then now, we are already more than 2,000 arrivals on October. We are obliged to live with, we can not do otherwise!

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at last September legislative, one in five lives voted for the AFD far-right party.

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Greece: a boat with 400 migrants throws anchor off the island of Kos .
The ship that had a motor problem, had left Turkish coasts, and drifted off the island of Karpathos to Crete when He had issued a distress signal © Sakis Mitrolidis / AFP of Greek coast guard.

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