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Coronavirus in Russia: The country still records a new daily record of infections and deaths

 Coronavirus in Russia: The country still records a new daily record of infections and deaths Despite this new peak, the Kremlin still immediately discloses containment measures at the national level © Alexander Nemenov / AFP The Russian government continues to announce records of death and contamination among its population. Epidemics - Despite this new peak, the Kremlin still rejects the immediate containment measures at the national level in recent weeks, Russia chained the sad records : that of the number of infections and deaths. At the coronavirus.

Un soignant prépare une dose du vaccin russe contre le Covid-19, Spoutnik V, dans un centre de vaccination installé dans le grand magasin GOUM, sur la place Rouge à Moscou, le 21 octobre 2021 © Dimitar Dilkoff A caregiver prepares a dose of the Russian vaccine against Cvid-19, Sputnik V, in a vaccination center installed in the Grand Store Goum, on the Red Square In Moscow, October 21, 2021

new measures, new assessments and highlights: one point on the latest evolutions of the Pandemic of Covid-19 in the world.

- The Kremlin blames the Russians -

The Kremlin recognized Friday the failure of its anti-Covid vaccination campaign in comparison with Europe, but pointed out the responsibility of the population, in full murdling epidemic wave.

Russia has recorded on Friday new daily death and contamination records, with 1,064 dead and 37,141 infected.

Tuberculosis: Deaths go on the rise because of COVID, WHO

 Tuberculosis: Deaths go on the rise because of COVID, WHO alerts Mariana Bazo / Reuters A scientist working on tuberculosis in a Peruvian laboratory, May 19, 2016. "The disruption of health services Essentials due to the coronavirus pandemic could begin to reduce the years of progress against tuberculosis, "warned the Director-General of WHO, while this disease is 4,100 dead per day in the world.

barely one-third of the Russians had been vaccinated since December on a substance of mistrust of vaccines developed by Russia.

- Death Record in Ukraine -

Ukraine registered on Friday a record of new contaminations and deaths due to the coronavirus, for the second consecutive day, while the capital, Kiev, is preparing to reintroduce strict restrictions.

According to the government's figures, 23,785 new infections have been identified in the last 24 hours and 614 people died in this former Soviet Republic, whose health system is aware of resources.

- France: nearly 600 caregivers suspended in Guadeloupe -

in Guadeloupe (French Antilles), the Regional Health Agency (ARS) announced that the suspension of nearly 600 caregivers who refuse the vaccine obligation "was in progress" .

Coronavirus: Russia records a record of new cases

 Coronavirus: Russia records a record of new cases Sant-Coronavirus-Russia: Coronavirus: Russia records a record of new cases © Reuters / Maxim Shemetov Coronavirus: Russia records a record of new cases Moscow (Reuters - Russia reported on Sunday of 34,303 new cases of contamination to COVID-19 in the space of 24 hours, a record since the beginning of the pandemic. The authorities of the country also announced 997 deaths related to the new coronavirus against 1.002 the day before.

In the end, the ARS welcomes "a rather positive phase": about 66% of caregivers are now vaccinated in Guadeloupe, compared to some 30 to 40% in the previous weeks.

on the island, which has experienced an epidemic outbreak this summer, the indicators are now very down, although the virus "continues to circulate", according to the authorities. As a result, sanitary restrictions should lighten.

Bilan mondial de la pandémie de nouveau coronavirus, au 22 octobre à 10h00 GMT © Frédéric Bourgeais World Review of the New Coronavirus Pandemic, October 22 at 10:00 am GMT

- Australia: Melbourne celebrates the end of the confines -

The inhabitants of Melbourne took advantage of the reopening of the city after one of the Longer series of confines in the world to go to bars, restaurants or in the hairdresser.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the five million Melbournais had to remain locked up at home for more than 260 days in total, in six confines. But now that 70% of people eligible for Melbourne and Victoria (South-East) are entirely vaccinated, the restrictions that began on August 5 are lifted.

The pandemic has given rise to "unprecedented" obstacles of freedom of expression, according to Amnesty

 The pandemic has given rise to © Reuters - Stringer in Tanzania, according to Amnesty, the Government of former President John Magufuli, who has not ceased To minimize the impact of coronavirus and refused to take steps to stem the pandemic, has used laws prohibiting and punishing "false information" to restrict the activity of the media.

Des habitants font la queue pour être vaccinés contre le Covid-19, à Allahabad (Inde), le 22 octobre 2021 © Sanjay Kanojia inhabitants queues to be vaccinated against COVID-19, in Allahabad (India), October 22, 2021

- The pandemic, Aubaine for the bike "Made in Portugal" -

Bicycle controls Are steeped in Portugal, number one in Europe for the manufacture of bicycles, with the sanitary crisis.

The sector, however, suffers from disturbances in the global supply chain, the delivery times of components that can go "up to two or three years" on the part of suppliers, mostly Asian, according to the export manager of a factory. Bicycle assembly in the north of the country.

In 2020, Portugal produced 2.6 million bicycles, of which almost all was exported, which place it at the forefront of Italy and Germany, according to Eurostat.

- More than 4.9 million dead -

The new coronavirus pandemic has made at least 4,926,579 people in the world since the Office of the World Health Organization (WHO) in China reported 'Appearance of the disease at the end of December 2019, according to a balance sheet established by the AFP from official sources Friday at 10:00 GMT.

The United States is the most affected country both in the number of deaths and cases, with 733.218 deaths for 45.301.092 cases identified, according to the count of Johns Hopkins University.

After the United States, the most affected countries are Brazil with 604,679 dead, India (4,453,042 dead), Mexico (285,669 dead) and Russia (228,453 dead).

Nombre de nouveaux cas de Covid-19 recensés sur 7 jours et évolution par rapport à la semaine précédente, par pays, au 21 octobre © Valentina Breschi Number of new COVID-19 cases listed on 7 days and evolution compared to the previous week, by country, at 21 October

Burx-NPK / BER / MBA

training crisis clouded joy of improvement in the labor market .
The economy is strong, especially in the services autumn revival in the labor market continues, the number of registered employees is higher than ever. © Carsten Koall / dpa The number of unemployed in Germany fell in October to 2.377 million. Despite such positive signals is not fully satisfied the chairman of the Federal Employment Agency. "Not all people equally benefit", Detlef Scheele complained on Thursday in Nuremberg.

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