US News: Still no appointment for Hernández Appeal

Hainer confirmed: Hernandez appears in court

 Hainer confirmed: Hernandez appears in court in the criminal matter around Lucas Hernandez has now been expressed for the first time a responsible person of Bayern. © Imago Images / Sven Simon will appear next week in court: Lucas Hernandez. Bavaria President is expressed for the first time to the criminal matter of the professionals Hernandez will appear on 19 October before the 32nd criminal court in Madrid. The confirmed Bayern President Herbert Hainer on Thursday.

The Spanish Justice still has no appointment for the decision on the appeal of Bavaria-pro lucas Hernández named his potential imprisonment next Thursday.

Bayerns Hernandez muss möglicherweise eine sechsmonatuge Haftstrafe antreten. © Sven Hoppe / DPA Bavaria's Hernandez may need to force a six-month penalty.

One talked to the judges of the competent Audiencia Provincial de Madrid, a kind of district court, said a speaker of the court administration on Friday the German Press Agency. But information on a possible date will give it at the earliest from next to Tuesday. If the court does not decide on the appeal in good time, the Frenchman would have to compete a six-month prison sentence at the latest Thursday.

The punishment had been imposed in 2019 because Hernández had disguised the 2017 contact lock with his later woman. Last Monday, the 25-year-old was officially informed at the Criminal Court number 32 in Madrid that he had to compete the six-month detention at the latest ten days later.

The World Champion of 2018 was changed two years ago as a Munich record purchasing for around 80 million euros from Atlético Madrid to FC Bayern.

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