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US News: did the palace cover up the hospital stay of the Queen?

finished cocktails ... This small family tradition to which Elisabeth II must renounce health reasons

 finished cocktails ... This small family tradition to which Elisabeth II must renounce health reasons © Alastair Grant / AP / SIPA finished cocktails ... This small family tradition to which Elisabeth II must give up for Health reasons The doctors of Queen Elisabeth II carefully monitor his health. To be fit for its royal obligations, the Queen will have to give up a small tradition. to 95 years old, the Queen Elisabeth II seems to be always in shape and it is not ready to give up his throne to his son, Prince Charles .

The Buckingham Palace sees great criticism exposed. Queen Elizabeth II. (95) Spent the night from Wednesday to Thursday in a hospital. This was publicly published by a report by the British newspaper "The Sun", only later followed the official confirmation of the palace. Journalists now express the accusation that the hospital stay should be allegedly overtended.

Queen Elizabeth II. soll nach ihrem Krankenhausaufenthalt in guter Verfassung sein. © Featureflash Photo Agency / Queen Elizabeth II should be in good shape according to your hospital stay.

as among other things, the "Sun" reports , Nicholas Witchell (68) explained, the Royal correspondent of the BBC that journalists and the public "did not receive the full picture". Also, the former BBC journalist Peter Hunt criticized that "the confidence of the media in the truthfulness of royal communication (...) was put on a hard test". The palace has "tried in vain" to cover up that the queen spent one night in the hospital ".

Lead 1-The Queen of England has "good moral" after a night at the Hospital

 Lead 1-The Queen of England has GB-Queen / (Lead 1 photo, TV): Lead 1-The Queen of England has "good moral" after a Night at Hospital by Michael Holden London, 22 October (Reuters) - Queen Elizabeth II of England has "good moral" and resumed his activities at the Castle of Windsor after spending a night at the hospital for the hospital First time for several years, said Buckingham Palace.

Royal Expert Ingrid Seward added that the palace has "the media irregular". It was tried to "protect the queen because she did not want to get a stir". The clinic stay had great concern for the health status of the Queen.

How is the Queen? That's what the palace

says how is it really about the health of the Queen? The palace informed according to BBC that the 95-year-old was in good shape after the night in the clinic and already perceived smaller duties on Thursday afternoon. The hospitalization had only practical reasons.

Previously, the queen had canceled a Northern Ireland visit, which should start on Wednesday. A spokesman for the palace had stated that the Queen "reluctantly accepted the medical advice to kick shorter for the coming days."

Prince William and Duchess Kate Flying on vacation

Prince William (39), Duchess Kate (39) and their three children George (8), Charlotte (6) and Louis (3) were sighted at London Heathrow Airport, like "The Scottish Sun" reports . The family apparently travel for the start of the autumn holidays. As can be seen in photos, Kate wore a summer dress, even the children were attracted airy. The assumption is therefore obvious that the Royals fly to a warm and sunny holiday destination. Where exactly is it, it is unclear.

Afghanistan. An attack on a military hospital in Kabul made at least nineteen dead .
© EPA wounded in the attack on the military hospital arriving at the emergency room from another Kabul hospital on Tuesday, November 2nd. An attack at the bomb followed by shots targeted on Tuesday, November 2 in Kabul the largest military hospital in Afghanistan. It is at least 19 dead and fifty wounded. This attack intervenes in, in a climate of growing violence between the Taliban and the rival jihadist group of the Islamic State.

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