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US News: Reactions to Erdoğan: "Unbelievable Foreign Policy Escalation"

Refugee Policy: Does the Polish border have to be better controlled?

 Refugee Policy: Does the Polish border have to be better controlled? Does the Polish limit be better controlled? Because about Belarus and Poland more and more migrants from the Middle East enter Germany, calls for a policewerk controls. The Federal Cabinet advises. © Patrick Pleul / DPA At the end of 2019, several major controls in the state of Brandenburg took place to illegal entry from Poland to Germany.

CDU and Green Agreement President Erdoğan focus on the planned expulsion of the ambassadors of Germany and other states - and demand consequences.

Norbert Röttgen © Michael Kappeler / AFP Norbert Röttgen "Incredible Foreign Policy Escalation"

The CDU foreign policyman Norbert Röttgen has criticized the procedure of the Turkish President against the Germans, the American and other ambassador . The announced expulsion of the diplomats "is an incredible foreign policy escalation," said Röttgen on Saturday the Süddeutsche Zeitung . "He continues to lead his country to the comprehensive turnover of Europe and the West." Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had said on Saturday in a speech in the Anatolian provincial capital of Eskişehir: "I have given the order to our Foreign Minister. I said, take care of explaining these ten ambassadors as soon as possible to 'Persona Non Grata'." Such classification as an "unwanted person" usually follows the designation in international diplomacy.

Tiger: New Ethiopian air attack against Mekele

 Tiger: New Ethiopian air attack against Mekele © Aude Genet Map Locating the Tigi Region and its Capital Mekele The Ethiopian army launched on Wednesday an air attack against Mekele, the capital of the northern region of the Tiger, for the Second time this week, marking a new escalation of this regional conflict that has been going on for nearly a year. Unlike Monday's strikes, the Ethiopian government quickly confirmed the information first given by humanitarian sources and a resident of Mekele.

The ten ambassadors, including the French, Dutch and Canadian, had challenged and demanded in a joint statement for the detainable cultural määzen Osman Kavala, that the four years without a guilt detained a fair procedure gets. Kavala, 63, is intellectual, businessman and promoter of civil rights movements and civil society projects.

Röttgen presiding to the Foreign Committee in the Bundestag and applies as a possible candidate for the CDU presidency defended the step of diplomats. "The protest of the ambassadors against the multiannual detention of a person without legal proceedings is justified and offered. Human rights are not inner affairs of states," he said. This is especially true for states that belonged to NATO like Turkey. Now it is committed to the unrestricted solidarity of the other Member States of the EU. "If it actually comes to the statements of the ambassadors, then it is the decision of Turkey to set relations with the ambassador level." The must be answered uniformly with the same measure by all EU countries.

Also from the Greens came sharp criticism. "That's completely indisputable and must have consequences," says Omid Nouripour, the Foreign Policy Speaker of the Green Group in the Bundestag, the SZ. One will not be stopped to enter the rule of law and democracy, Nouripour said. He demanded an answer from the reigning federal government. But you will have to beat "Erdoğan a very clear tone in the future.

Radio Stillage between NATO and Russia: The big silence .
NATO and Russia have capped their diplomatic connections on Monday. How it came to escalation. © Photo: Imago Images / ITAR-TASS Sergei Lavrov, Russia's Foreign Minister. now prevails radio stilt between NATO and Russia . On Monday, the Kremlin officially caught his connection to NATO and withdrawn all employees of the Western Alliance in Moscow their accreditation. At the same time, Russian representation at the Brussels NATO headquarters introduced their work.

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