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US News: Nuclear Iranian: President Raisi accuses the United States and the European blocking

Iranian nuclear: the EU denies a meeting Thursday with Iran

 Iranian nuclear: the EU denies a meeting Thursday with Iran © Iranian Foreign Ministry, Handout, AFP This photo provided by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs shows the Ali Baghery negotiator welcoming its European counterpart, Enrique Mora, in Tehran, on October 14, 2021. While Iran had announced the coming, Thursday, of the Ali Bagheri negotiator in Brussels, the spokesman for the head of the European diplomacy affirmed on Monday that no meeting. was planned to address the revival of nuclear talks.

© Via Reuters - Official Website The Iranian President Ebrahim Raïssi visits the BUSHEHR nuclear power plant on October 8, 2021. Le président iranien Ebrahim Raïssi en visite à la centrale nucléaire de Bushehr, le 8 octobre 2021. in the file Iranian nuclear, blocking persists while the great powers urge Iran to return to the Table of Vienna negotiations concerned important progress in Tehran's nuclear program. with our correspondent in Tehran, Siavosh Ghazi

The Iranian Conservative President

Ebrahim Raïssi returned the ball into the Western camp by saying that

returned to Europeans and the United States to make decisions for a recovery Vienna negotiations for about five months. Tehran asks Washington to return to all the sanctions imposed since 2018 by the former US President Donald Trump who had left the nuclear agreement. The problem, the "refusal to make decisions" Video: Iranian nuclear: the Israeli-American warning to the Tehran regime (Euronews)

Nuclear Iranian: Meeting Friday between the US emissary and the e3

 Nuclear Iranian: Meeting Friday between the US emissary and the e3 Iran-nucleaire-USA: Iranian nuclear: Meeting Friday between the US emissary and the E3 © Reuters / Official Presidential WebSite Iranian Nuclear: Meeting Friday between the US emissory and E3 Paris / Washington (Reuters) - The US Special Upholstery for Iran, Rob Malley, will meet Friday in Paris of Top Diplomats of the E3, the three European countries signatories of the 2015 Agreement On Iranian nuclear power - France, Great Britain and Germany -, we learned Wednesday from three diplomatic sour

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"What clocks the United States and the United States Europeans, it is the refusal to make decisions. They do not make a decision. We made our decision that is respect for non-commitment and we respected it. The problem comes from the fact that the other party does not make a decision, "said Ebrahim Raisi. This new statement then intervenes that Iran has accelerated its nuclear program by significantly increasing its enriched uranium stocks, which goes against the 2015 Agreement. Tehran also enriches to 20 and 60 %, far beyond the authorized threshold.

Iran promises wholesale damage in the event of Israel

The United States and Europeans are more and more annoyed while Israel threatens to conduct a military action against Tehran's nuclear facilities.

But Admiral Ali Shamkhani, head of the Supreme National Security Council warned that Israel will have to spend tens of billions of dollars to repair the damage caused by the Iranian response.

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Iranian nuclear: Tehran announces a resumption of negotiations on 29 November .
© AFP - - The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Iranian Ali Bagheri during a meeting with the Special Envoy of EU Enrique Mora to Tehran on 14 October 2021. Iran finally gave a date, on November 29 for the recovery of nuclear negotiations with the great powers of Group 4 + 1 (France, United Kingdom, Russia and China) and indirectly with states. -United. with our correspondent in Tehran, Siavosh Ghazi The resumption of negotiations will occur after nearly six months of interruption.

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