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US News: Turkey: The book plunges again after the request from Erdogan to expel ten ambassadors

Russia breaks with NATO, after

 Russia breaks with NATO, after espionage charges Russia breaks with NATO, after accusations of espionage "Following certain measures taken by NATO, the conditions basic for a common job are no longer there, "says Russia. Since 2014 and the annexation of Crimea by Russia, "NATO has already strongly reduced the contacts with our mission. On the military side, there has been no contact since then," said the head of diplomacy Russian. Russia cuts its links with NATO, on the back of espionage charges ...

Turquie : la livre plonge à nouveau après la demande d'Erdogan d'expulser dix ambassadeurs © Pixabay Turkey: the book plunges again after the request of Erdogan to expel ten ambassadors new dive Turkish pound after The expulsion threats of Western diplomats.

The Turkish book reached a lower historic Monday, October 25 at the opening of the courses, after the threats of the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Expulsion Ten Western diplomats mobilized in favor of opposing Osman Kavala. The national currency exchanged up to more than 9.80 pounds for a dollar before stabilizing around $ 9.73 after 05:00 GMT, down 1.3% facing the greenback. Ambassadors of ten countries - Canada, France, Finland, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and the United States - have provoked the anger of the head of The state by calling on October 18 to a "fair and rapid settlement of Osman Kavala case.

Why Clemence Castel (Koh-Lanta) decided to sacrifice Coumba at ambassadors: "She had a blurred positioning"

 Why Clemence Castel (Koh-Lanta) decided to sacrifice Coumba at ambassadors: © Capture TF1 Why Clemence Castel (Koh-Lanta) decided to sacrifice Coumba during ambassadors: "she had a blurred " positionation designated by the ambassadors, Coumba had to leave the tribe just joined Koh-Lanta on Tuesday. Castel Clemence, the maneuver, justifies this choice with leisure telephones. Once again, the ambassadors sequence did not disappoint! And it is finally coumba which, on Tuesday, made the costs of the decision of Phil, Laurent Maisret ...

Video: Turkey denounces "the responsibility" of the United States and Russia in the recent attacks on the Syrian border (Le Figaro)

this businessman and patron Turk, become a Black beasts of the plan, has been imprisoned for four years without judgment, accused of wanting to destabilize the Turkey . Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Saturday ordered the expulsion, "as soon as possible", ambassadors of these ten states. At this point, however, the countries concerned have not received an official notification. A cabinet meeting must be held at 12:00 GMT in Ankara, at the end of which these evictions could be confirmed - or not.

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The Turkish book, which had already known a black week marked by the placement of Ankara on the FATF "Gray List" for its failures in the fight against money laundering and the financing of the terrorism, lost 24% of its value against the dollar since the beginning of the year. According to Economist Timothy Ash, Analyst at BlueBay Asset Management, the expulsion of ten Western ambassadors by Ankara "would hurt Erdogan". "The Ten [States] would reduce their exchanges with the Erdogan regime and investments in Turkey would suffer," he says.

Turkey: Syrians risk expulsion for a joke on the bananas .
© Ozan Kose / AFP Turkey - Syria - Refugees i l is not good for the hospitality of the Turkish regime. The image of the RECEP TAYYIP Erdogan regime would not be suffering from the slightest joke that could affect the image of success of the eastern power. Syrian refugees have learned it at their expense. According to International Courrier , everything left an interview carried out in the streets of Istanbul by a YouTube channel.

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