US News: Daniel Ricciardo: First Round The Key to Space Five

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Daniel Ricciardo im McLaren MCL35M vor Carlos Sainz im Ferrari SF21 © Motorsport Images Daniel Ricciardo in McLaren MCL35M in front of Carlos Sainz in Ferrari SF21

Four points have lost McLaren at USA Grand Prix in Austin on Ferrari. But it could have been more: "Both Ferrari were faster than we, over the entire weekend," says McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl. After all, Daniel Ricciardo can leave a red racer behind it is therefore worthy of honor.

But how exactly did that happen to be where both McLaren had gone to the start behind both Ferrari? Ricciardo itself describes it so: "I conceded Carlos [Sainz] immediately at the start. Then he overtook me again with a good maneuver outer rum in the curves six and seven. And finally I walked past him in curve 17."

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Position Five in the race changed alone in the first race round in Austin three times, with the better end for Ricciardo. "That was crucial for a top 5 result," he says back. Seidl agrees with his driver: "That Daniel was passed straight to Carlos was the key."

McLaren acknowledges: Ferrari was a number too big in Austin

About the distance, it would probably have become difficult from McLaren view to make Ferrari's position. "Charles [Leclerc] has shown that Ferrari was faster," says Ricciardo. "We could not keep up there."

indeed: In qualifying Leclerc McLaren had distanced by two tenths of a second and crossed the finish line in the race 24 seconds in front of Ricciardo. "In view of this, it's pretty good to have beaten a Ferrari," says Ricciardo, who was already in time training up to 0.016 seconds at Sainz.

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also Seidl gives to be "absolutely satisfied" with the result. "I think we have reached our maximum - or even more because we have arrived in front of a Ferrari. That's why that's a good performance. Also, that we have stayed at Valtteri [Bottas]. We did not necessarily expect that. "

Ricciardo: "Dirty" maneuver rescues P5 against Sainz

and it was not always clear that Ricciardo P5 could hold: In the final phase of the race, it was again tight between him and Sainz, who attacked him in the third sector outer Roman. . But Ricciardo rejected rustic, what Sainz later described as "dirty" .

Ricciardo does not interfere with these statements that Sainz did not want to take back to demand. Ricciardo says only, mischievously: "That's fine. I like to be dirty. I'm a nice guy. So if I'm dirty every now and then, that's okay."

Seriously, the McLaren driver adds that he felt the situation far less dramatically. Sainz had "intention" assumed to have created it on a touch.

The McLaren driver assures: no intention!

Ricciardo but only speaks that Sainz "is well attacked" and that one has "even slightly touched". In any case, he did not miss determination: "I had to think with everything I had."

"Of course: you do not intentionally do in someone," says Ricciardo. "It was a case of paint exchange, if you want. Because if you decide for the outside, then the risk is a bit bigger there. It was no intention [on my part]."

But it was worthwhile for the constructor's rating : Five races before the end McLaren is still there on P3 in front of Ferrari, but last lost twice as a result of his lead.

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