US News: Wrong Amazon Employees Bringing customers by millions of

the United States shaken by a wave of strikes

 the United States shaken by a wave of strikes © Getty Images via AFP - Scott Olson of American employees of the Giant of Agricultural Machines John Deere on strike in Davenport (Iowa), October 15, 2021. in the United States , thousands of workers started movements of strikes in many areas. They denounce difficult working conditions while their employers record significant profits.

The US Consumer Protection Authority reports of corporate emitators, which are mainly as alleged Amazon staff.

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• Alleged Amazon employees have brought customers around 27 million US dollars

• Scammers resort to different stitches to get to the money of their victims

• The Pishing Radar of the Consumer Center warns in Germany in front of current fraud

Amazon: among vans of the most popular alleged employer

The US Consumer Protection Authority (FTC) published a report on October 20, 2021, which emphasizes that among scams Employees of different companies issue Amazon as an alleged employer of the favorite for many fraud. Between July 2020 and June 2021, about every third person explained the victims of a corporate emitator that the scammer indicated to work on Amazon. Overall, the number of messages from Amazon imitators in the said period has even quintuple, as shown in the report. The strongest affected are mainly older people, as FTC explains. Accordingly, people over the age of 60 lose money to the scammers as humans under the age of 60 to four times under the age of 60. The average loss for victims of such fraud meshes is about $ 1,000 per case. Overall, the scams cost the victims in the US so far 27 million US dollars.

What is "StrikeBer", this wave of strikes that shakes the United States?

 What is © Copyright 2021, Obs This is a rare phenomenon in the United States. Workers, Nurses ... Tens of thousands of American employees, tired by their long hours of work during the pandemic and frustrated with the profits of their employers, have hired strike movements this fall. The word "StrikeBer", contraction of "Strike" and "October" (October), appeared on social networks. The left wing star of the Democratic Party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, even put it on last Thursday on Twitter.

Thus, the scammers are trying to pull their victims from the bag

The Amazon imitators try to attempt their victims with news on how FTC further explains. For example, they point to allegedly suspicious activities or unauthorized purchases in the user account of the victim. If one finally reports to the attached telephone number, a false Amazon employee instructs the victim to give it remote access to the computer or the phone to fix the alleged problem and grant a refund. In the refund, a too high amount will be accidentally "reimbursed" and you will be asked to compensate for the difference. "Some people even reported that the" representative "even asked for help and said that Amazon would fire him if the money is not returned.", Reports FTC.

return traffic at the airport via without major problems

 return traffic at the airport via without major problems The big return journey at the capital airport BER stayed this weekend. The location at the airport is stable on the three last days of autumn holidays in Berlin and Brandenburg «and without major problems," said an airport speaker. © Monika Skolimowska / DPA Central Image / DPA Numerous passengers in Terminal 1 of the airport BER. 64,000 people were traveling across the bus on Sunday alone. For the entire weekend, the responsible persons of almost 190,000 travelers were assumed.

With another fraud mesh, the victims are instructed to buy a gift card and send a picture of the back of the card. Allegedly, these numbers are "lock codes" or "security codes". Further, the imitators explain "that the transfer of these numbers that can block hackers allegedly taken over the amazon account." In fact, however, this number only serves to get to the money on the gift card.

Another method is a text message with the information, you have won a raffle of a free Amazon product. If you click on the associated link, you will be prompted for a website to specify your credit card information to pay for the shipment of the alleged profit.

So you can protect yourself from chatters

to protect yourself from such enterprise fraudsters, US consumer protection gives some tips. For example, you should never call phone numbers that are specified in unexpected calls, SMS, e-mails or news in social media. Also a click on the left should be avoided. In addition, you should not permit anyone to someone remote access to your own devices, unless you have contacted the company (under the correct number) directly. In addition, in such cases you should never pay with gift cards or send pictures of them. If you want to contact the company because of a problem, it is the safest way to search directly on the company website according to the right contact information to avoid accidentally get to a scamming.

In Germany, one can also find out about the Pishing Radar of the Consumer Center via currently investing fraud methods. If you get a suspicious message yourself, you can report this via the associated e-mail address "[email protected]". E. Schmal / Editors

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