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US News: South Korea: Samsung's boss condemned for use of narcotics

North Korea. Launch of a non-identified projectile

 North Korea. Launch of a non-identified projectile © AFP Photo / KCNA via KNS Northern Korea has proceeded to a new launch of unidentified projectile, towards the sea (photo of illustration). South Korea is concerned about the recovery by its northern neighbor of missile launches. A new projectile was launched on Tuesday morning towards the sea, according to a communiqué of the Joint Staff of the South, which does not provide further details.

  Corée du Sud : le patron de Samsung condamné pour usage de stupéfiants © Anthony Wallace / AFP

M Ardi 26 October, the heir and de facto boss of the South Korean conglomerate Samsung was sentenced to a fine for illegal use Propofol, a powerful anesthetic. Lee Jae-Yong, the richest richest person according to the Forbes ranking, was sentenced to a fine of 70 million Wons (52,000 euros) by the Seoul District Court.

It was found guilty of having consumed propofol several times in recent years in an aesthetic surgery clinic of Seoul. Propofol, normally used as anesthetic in surgery and in resuscitation services, is sometimes consumed in a recreational basis as a staggering substance. This is an overdose of this product that caused the death of singer Michael Jackson in 2009.

North Korea provoked with new rocket test

 North Korea provoked with new rocket test Pyongyang should have once again tested a rocket after South Korean information. This time it could have traded a submarine-supported rocket, providing experts. The US offers calls. © Koji Sasahara / AP Photo / Picture Alliance Provided by Deutsche Wave Pjöngjang has fired a "unidentified" bullet of Sinpo out into the sea, shared the South Korean military. According to experts, it could have acted by a submarine-based ballistic rocket (SLBM).

Lee Jae-Yong The de facto Chief of South Korea's #Samsung Has Been Jailed For Two and a Half Years Over Corruption charges. @ Priyankash25 Brings You The Story

? Wion (@wionews) January 19, 2021

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of the medical reasons

at the trial, at the beginning of October, the lawyers of Lee Jae-Yong had argued that this substance had administered for medical reasons. But the amount injected was "very high" and the nature of the crime committed is not "light" given the social responsibilities exercised by the accused, said J. Jang Young Chae, making his verdict on Tuesday.

Lee Jae-Yong was not expressed at Tuesday's hearing, and refrained from answering the questions from journalists. Lee Jae-Yong, 53, is Vice President Samsung Electronics , the world's leading smartphone manufacturer and memory chips. In fact, he is also the one who has taken over the torch at the head of the conglomerate since his father Lee Kun-Hee , the Group's global take-off craftsman, put down because of problems of Health . The patriarch died last year.

suspicion of education right-wing extremist union

 suspicion of education right-wing extremist union Berlin. Under the name "Berserker Clan", at least 15 people have prepared for the armed uprising at the "Day X". On Wednesday, investigators confiscated weapons, ammunition and narcotics in several federal states. © Silas Stein Clocked policemen dressed in police vests stand in the city. (Symbol photo) The Attorney Office and the Landescriminal Office in Berlin detect against 15 people due to suspicion of education of a right-wing extremist association.

? "Humble" Leadership for Samsung

Samsung Heir Lee Jae-Yong Humble Vows On Anniversary Of Father's Death #Samsung #leeyong #leadership

? Arirang News (@arirangtvnews) october 25, 2021

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entangled in judicial affairs

lee jae-yong was sentenced last January to Two and a half years in prison for corruption, misappropriation of funds and other offenses related to the corruption scandal that has dropped the former South Korean president Park Geun-Hye. It has, however, benefited in August conditional liberation granted by the South Korean government concerned with the consequences for Samsung, a pillar of the country's economy.

Lee Jae-Yong also faces legal proceedings in another case, that of the controversial fusion of two subsidiaries that had favored its control of the conglomerate. Samsung is by far the largest of the "chaebol", these family industrial empires that dominate the world of business in South Korea , 12th globe economy.

Confirmed sentence for Alain Soral after remarks on the Jews and 11-September .
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