US News: Zemmour: Attal refuses to "Participate in a Truman Show Politics"

Attal warns: "The Covid epidemic begins to gain ground"

 Attal warns: if it is too early to talk about a 5th wave, according to the spokesperson of the government, the latter shot the bell. alarm facing an increase in cases of contamination. © Copyright 2021, Obs "For a week, the epidemic begins to gain ground. We talk about a very low level but you have to be vigilant. This is the alert launched this Tuesday, October 19 by Gabriel Attal, the spokesman of the government.

Interrogé mardi matin sur la séquence entre Eric Zemmour et une femme voilée à Drancy lundi, Gabriel Attal a assuré ne pas vouloir participer à ce © Europe 1 Interview Tuesday morning on the sequence between Eric Zemmour and a veiled woman in Drancy Monday, Gabriel Attal assured not to participate in this "Truman Show" "Politics and refuses to serve as a" decor at a pre-candidate ". At the microphone of Sonia Mabrouk on Europe 1, he said the head of state was not (still) in presidential campaign.

Eric Zemmour is not yet officially declared candidate for the race to the presidential election , but he intends to launch his political party, "Vox populi" , at the end of November, according to information obtained by Europe 1. Monday, the polemicist Also participated in the show facing the street, on CNEWS, in which it exchanged on secularism with a veiled woman. An exchange at which this Drancy inhabitant, in Seine-Saint-Denis, took off his veil to show the polemicist that she was free to do so.

Orelsan and Clément Cotentin, Fraternal Love Declaration

 Orelsan and Clément Cotentin, Fraternal Love Declaration Orelsan is at the center of a documentary made by his brother Clement Cotentin, "Watch that to anyone". The film shows behind the scenes of an ascent. And rings like a declaration of brotherly love. © Dr. Orelsan As we have never seen him through his brother's camera. The equation gives the birth of a documentary, a family film, which turned into a series for Prime Video. The season of "Watch never to anyone", composed of six episodes, is available since October 15, 2021 on the platform.

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Guest from Europe Morning Tuesday, Gabriel Attal, spokesman for the government, assured not to participate in this kind of debate and castigated the behavior of Eric Zemmour. "I do not want to participate in this political Truman show in which one would have a vocation one to become the decor of a pre-candidate in the presidential election," he said.

Emmanuel Macron already candidate for the presidential election?

"Today we have many candidates who aim for the car as an ideological way to campaign", continued Gabriel Attal with reference to the proposals of Eric Zemmour this Weekend on Road Safety . The polemicist wants to remove the point license, restore the speed limitation to 90 km / h on the national roads and even suggests to stop the speed limitations on the highway.

Sarah Knafo: Why the Near Counselor of Éric Zemmour had to give up his post

 Sarah Knafo: Why the Near Counselor of Éric Zemmour had to give up his post © Stephane Lemouton / Bestimage Sarah Knafo: Why the Near Councilor of Éric Zemmour had to give up his post Sarah Knafo, the Councilor of Éric Zemmour, had to put his career as a magistrate at the Court of Auditors in parentheses. Pierre Moscovici, the first president of the institution, explained the reasons in the Parisian, Thursday, October 21. Eric Zemmour is still not officially candidate for the presidential election, but his teams are preparing.

"The difference is that we are not in the presidential campaign today," said the government spokesperson. According to him, the many displacements of the head of state are not related to the election. "The day Emmanuel Macron will be a candidate, if it is, I can tell you that it will be harrowing and it will be there. I'll be there on this plateau telling you about the countryside and what we propose. And today that is not the case. I do not feel that the French are totally focused on the presidential election. They ask questions about their daily lives and on the management of the epidemic ", insisted Gabriel Attal. "And it would be a fault on our part to stop acting, to lift the pencil and devote ourselves to the presidential election."

Post-Brexit fishing: a last dialogue in Paris this Thursday between France and the United Kingdom before possible sanctions .
The British Secretary of State in charge of Brexit, David Frost, was invited to France by the secretary of French state of European affairs Clément Beaune © Isa Harsin / SIPA Fishing boats in the port of Guilvinec, September 15, 2021. ARM - The British Secretary of State in charge of Brexit, David Frost, was invited In France by the French Secretary of State Clement Beaune in the midst of the fishing , it is the dialogue of the last chance.

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