North Korea provoked with new rocket test

 North Korea provoked with new rocket test Pyongyang should have once again tested a rocket after South Korean information. This time it could have traded a submarine-supported rocket, providing experts. The US offers calls. © Koji Sasahara / AP Photo / Picture Alliance Provided by Deutsche Wave Pjöngjang has fired a "unidentified" bullet of Sinpo out into the sea, shared the South Korean military. According to experts, it could have acted by a submarine-based ballistic rocket (SLBM).

People who suffer from heart disease should definitely sign up for flueam vaccine, as contagion increases the risk of developing complications.

  Herzkrank? Expert*innen raten eindringlich zur Grippeimpfung © Provided by cover media

An article by the Houston Methodist Review The 'Journal of the American Heart Association' recommends the influenza vaccine to reduce this risk.

In the US alone, the vaccine rate is less than 50 percent below 65 years. Older adults with the same conditions are conscientious there: 80 percent are vaccinated here, the flu can also be dangerous to younger cardiac patient, like Dr. Priyanka Bhugra stressed: "People with heart pre-existence are particularly at risk for complications with a flu, whether they are now in retirement age or not."

Olive Oil: These are the best native oils - two fall completely through

 Olive Oil: These are the best native oils - two fall completely through gourmets give a little more for good olive oil. But in unknown products is often not clear: justifies the quality the high price? For the November issue of the magazine "Test", 27 native olive oils were set extra to the test. Overall, the experts were satisfied: "So many olive oils could not recommend the Foundation Warentest. 15 of 27 cut well." The olive oil test came to the result: good quality can have your price. But also in the discounter you will find it.

in Germany, however, is also a gloomy image in older age groups: In 2019, just 34 percent of German seniors were vaccinated against influenza. In the global comparison, other Western European countries such as Spain or France are rather bad. The influenza viruses are particularly the respiratory tract, an infection often leads to pneumonia in the elderly. So far, the influence of the virus was not explored on the heart, but researchers have now observed an increase of heart-related deaths in inflating waves. During the week after a flu infection, the risk of heart attack is six times higher than at any other time before infection.

influenza loads the heart and the vessels through the inflammatory reaction of the body. This produces for protection of white blood cells that can cause swelling, pain sensitivity, pain and weakness. The increased immune response can also lead to blood clots, hypertension or even the threshold of the heart. This in turn endangers the oxygen supply to the heart or brain, it threatens a stroke or infarction.

flight attendant: Work on the ground remains unmasked .
flight attendants are an integral part of aviation. They are not only responsible for the safety instructions in an airplane, but also ensure that all passengers feel comfortable from entering the plane. Nevertheless, flight attendants are often paid only for exactly the time they spend in the air. © Provided by Daniel Roland / AFP / Getty Images The earning flight attendant For many, the profession of flight attendants sound like a trusted dream.

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