US News: DIHK boss warns of swivel to self-sufficient National Economics

ADAC: Diesel price rises on record high ministry refers to measures to diesel prices on antitrust office

 ADAC: Diesel price rises on record high ministry refers to measures to diesel prices on antitrust office Diesel is so expensive to petrol stations in Germany as never before. © Provided by Servais Mont / Getty Images In the nationwide daily average of Sunday, the price was 1.555 euros per liter, as the ADAC announced on Monday. He surpassed the previous record of 1.554 euros per liter of 26 August 2012 minimally. Also gasoline approaches the highest level. Super the variety E10 was 1,667 euros per liter on Sunday. This only lacks 4.2 cents to the record of 1.709 euros on September 13,

Dihk President Peter Adrian warns the future Federal Government against exaggerated measures against the current supply bottlenecks approximately on semiconductors.

Peter Adrian, Präsident des Deutschen Industrie- und Handelskammertags (DIHK). © Michael Kappeler / DPA Peter Adrian, President of the German Chamber of Commerce and Commerce (DIHK).

"Our supply chains are very complex, and the current scarcity is also due to the major economic programs in the US and China," Adrian said the "Handelsblatt". But it speaks a lot for that that in the coming year normalize. "It would not make sense to change now to a new form of self-sufficient national economy», emphasized the entrepreneur, who has been at the top of the German Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Commerce since March. Of course, in sectors of economic areas is now reflected on warehousing and secure logistics.

GOLD PRICE: Relative strength despite high US returns

 GOLD PRICE: Relative strength despite high US returns Although yields of ten-year US government bonds have been climbed to the highest level for five months, the gold price has positive signs. © Provided by Ralph Orlowski / Getty Images by Jörg Bernhard helped him especially the last dollar. According to a Reuters survey among economists, a majority expects that the first interest rate increases of the FED will take place only 2023.

becomes a problem soon to develop work and skilled workers again, warned Adrian. In partial areas such as the health sector or logistics, the skilled worker crisis is long ago: "The hospitality industry has already cut the operating times because it lacks staff." Remedy could also create increased immigration in addition to the commitment to education and training. "The Immigration Act must now be kept properly sharply to Corona, such as accelerating the visa procedures.»

In addition, policy and businesses would have to do more on the subject of reconciliation of family and profession. So as an employer, he could pay a tax-free subsidy for the Kita, but not for the all-day support of primary students, Adrian said. "There's still room for improvement."

material shortages make further for weakness in German industry .
Wiesbaden / Berlin. Supply bottlenecks and shortages of materials continue to weigh on German industry. In September, it receives the next steamer. but experts hope for a speedy recovery. © Daniel Josling robots work on the body of different car models. The weakness of the German industry continued surprisingly in September. Total production fell compared with the previous month by 1.1 percent, the Federal Statistics Office announced on Friday.

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