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US News: migrants in Briançon. Fifty people still waiting

Refugee Policy: Does the Polish border have to be better controlled?

 Refugee Policy: Does the Polish border have to be better controlled? Does the Polish limit be better controlled? Because about Belarus and Poland more and more migrants from the Middle East enter Germany, calls for a policewerk controls. The Federal Cabinet advises. © Patrick Pleul / DPA At the end of 2019, several major controls in the state of Brandenburg took place to illegal entry from Poland to Germany.

Le refuge « Les Terrasses solidaires » a décidé de stopper l’accueil par manque de place. Ici une photo prise en septembre 2020. © Jean-Philippe Ksiazek / Archives AFP The refuge "Les Terrasses Solidaires" decided to stop the reception for lack of space. Here a picture taken in September 2020.

fifty refugee migrants in a church near Briançon are still waiting to be able to leave the city as a result of the closure of a refuge.

about fifty migrants , refugees since Sunday at Station Briançon (Hautes-Alpes) Then in a nearby church, still waited on Tuesday, October 26 could leave the city, while several dozens of others were able to take Bus chartered by the SNCF , has been learned from concordant sources.

from 150 to 200 people arrived by the Italian border, mainly young men and some families, according to a police source, had spent the night from Sunday to Monday in the station following the closure of a refuge, before To be welcomed Monday night in a church.

Two clandestines found dead in a bus with 26 other migrants at the Austro-Hungarian border

 Two clandestines found dead in a bus with 26 other migrants at the Austro-Hungarian border © Herbert P. oczeret / AFP The bus was arrested in Austria, near the Hungarian border. Photo Stock Illustration. The Austrian army has made a macabre discovered this Tuesday, October 19, near the Hungarian border. Two clandestines were found dead in a bus that carried thirty migrants. Two clandestines were found dead in Austria this Tuesday, October 19, in a bus intercepted at the Hungarian border . Thirty migrants were in the vehicle, whose driver fled.

Tuesday, four buses in Lyon and Valencia have been specially chartered by the SNCF, by decision of the Prefecture of the Hautes-Alpes, to meet the demand of the exiles with Notes to leave Briançon, indicated a. speech of the prefecture at AFP.

"A hosting solution"

two of the four buses, with about sixty people on board, went on Tuesday morning towards Lyon, where passengers had to be taken care of, said the association all migrants who accompanies them .

It will be offered to them an accommodation solution, said the Rhone Prefecture, attached by AFP. Some of the exiles also borrowed from other means of transport to exit Briançon, all migrants said.

Responding to the fears of associations to see these migrants arrested once arrived at destination, the bishop of Gap, Bishop Xavier Malle, assured that it is not a look-awens. We have worked for this device to be put in place and obtained from the prefect that it is not a thicket, he explained to AFP.

Start of the Trial of Matteo Salvini judged for blocking migrants at sea

 Start of the Trial of Matteo Salvini judged for blocking migrants at sea © Alberto Pizzoli AFP / Archives Italian Senator Matteo Salvini, leader of the Italian far-right, in Catania in Sicily October 3, 2020 l Former Italian Minister Matteo Salvini is judged from Saturday in Palermo, Sicily, for blocking migrants at sea. The facts took place in August 2019, while he was Minister of the Interior. For six days, Matteo Salvini had blocked an Open ARMS NGO ship housing 147 migrants.

"Limiting the flows of people"

The idea was not to create a blocking point, "said the Mayor Lr of Briançon, Arnaud Murgia. Monday, up to 200 people, from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt or Morocco, had been hosted at the beginning of the evening in the church, owned by the diocese of Gap.

They had found themselves at the Briançon station after a nearby shelter, "the solidarity terraces" decided to stop the reception for lack of space. According to the prefecture, many of them are in an irregular situation, for lack of asylum in their country of entry into Europe, Italy.

Two Mobile Gendarmerie squadrons will be deployed alongside the border police in the coming days to limit the flows of people who cross the border without having the right and the central director of the police at the borders is expected on Wednesday in the high -Alpes, announced the prefecture Tuesday at the end of the afternoon.

According to her, the situation [...] in Briançon is linked to a double phenomenon: on the one hand, at the moment when the sanitary crisis is less acute, the resumption of migratory flows throughout Europe by the road of the Balkans, with A level approaching that of 2019, on the other hand, the increase of the supply of lodging of solidarity terraces, offers well identified networks of smugglers.

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