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US News: Merkel's dismissal: If the president becomes wistful and the Chancellor hurriedly has

Germany: Olaf Scholz prepares to govern December

 Germany: Olaf Scholz prepares to govern December © AFP The Germany should have a new Chancellor before Christmas: Social Democrats, Ecologists and Liberals unveiled Thursday the ambitious calendar of their negotiations to install OLAF Scholz at the country's orders early December. Despite their differences, the three parties have been conducting discussions at a sustained pace, with the desire to send an image of efficiency and dynamism.

It's fast sometimes, a few seconds only it takes, then you are no longer Federal Chancellor. Or at least only managing import in office. A certificate, with two sentences: end of the official relationship, thanks for faithful services. Already the state is another: Angela Merkel is released , so that's official.

Angela Merkel mit ihrer Entlassungsurkunde. © AP Angela Merkel with its discharge certificate.

with both hands Merkel holds the black wallet with the Federal Easter, she almost hurried to get away from her chair next to the ministers of her cabinet. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier calls her back. "One more moment, for the cameras." Merkel makes, once again smile, almost a little enjoyed.

"Peace Artisan", "Monument", Ovation for Merkel for its last European Summit

 © provided by Le Parisien The Parisian It was his 107th and last summit in Brussels, after sixteen years in power. The European leaders booked on Friday, October 22 a standing ovation at the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, according to a European source. "I hope you will not be angry by this ceremony for your last summit," said Charles Michel, the Belgian President of the Council.

right next to Olaf Scholz

after the constitution of the new Bundestag she drove to the Federal President office, the rules are. 15 chairs have been set up there for the outgoing cabinet, eight in the first, seven in the second row, neatly provided with the name of the minister.

at the front right Sits Merkel, right next to the previous Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, who is now vice-chancellor, but also soon wants to be Chancellor. He would have to move on only a chair.

The Federal President holds a speech, praising and a little wistful.

from the "End of a Chancellor, which one may count to the great in the history of the republic," says Steinmeier. Exemplatively, Merkel's 16 years of government were, formative for Germany and its perception in the world. The Chancellor has acquired "our country respect, respect and even affection" and also for a whole generation. She has lived "a new, very own form of leadership", in years in which a crisis has ranked to the next. Merkel's decisions have mediated security and liability. In 2015, when so many refugees from the Civil Warland of Syria have come to Europe and Germany, they have shown great courage and ensured that Europe is together.

Olaf Scholz promises even more state aid for coal exit

 Olaf Scholz promises even more state aid for coal exit Hannover / Berlin. The possible new Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) promises to the Federal Congress of IG BCE in Hannover pace of industrial upgrading towards climate neutrality. In return for an accelerated coal exit he wants to create an additional social protection of the workers involved. © Hauke-Christian Dittrich SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz (left) and IG BCE Chairman Michael Vassiliadis.

The passages to Merkel are the most personal, Steinmeier device goes into swarming. It does not just end the Chancellery Merkel's, but an even longer joint political path: almost 20 years ago Steinmeier was Chancellor's Chief and Merkel opposition leader. After that he was foreign minister and temporarily also vice chancellor in her cabinet. He lost her to the SPD Chancellor's candidate in 2009 and was her opponent in 2013 as a SPD faction leader and opposition leader.

"So, I think we have"

Steinmeier thanks the Cabinet, he praises the Corona policy and is located, the government opposite the division of society. The Federal President also includes the services of the Cabinet. Over 600 laws had been adopted. Examples from the family, social and legal policy are above all. It may be a coincidence, but in these areas, the SPD has led the ministries that Steinmeier hopes for an extension of his term of office in the coming year.

The Chancellor is pursuing the speech almost unavailable - until Steinmeier says, there are children who asked for the long government time Merkel, whether a man can actually become Chancellor.

Since her face grabs to a mischievous smile. Then Steinmeier quotes from an interview from 1991, the beginning of her political career. : "My inner mechanisms are very intact," she said at that time. Merkel smiles again.

The certificate still, a group photo. "So, I think we have it," says Steinmeier. Three times Merkel has already participated this ceremony and has come back afterwards. This time it will be different.

Merkel comes farewell to France after 16 years in power .
© Philippe Desmazes Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron arrive in Beaune, November 3, 2021 Smile, Angela Merkel was welcomed by Emmanuel Macron Wednesday in Beaune (Coast D To say goodbye to France after 16 years in power, during which she worked closely with four French presidents. © Philippe Desmazes Angela Merkel is greeted by the crowd in Beaune, November 3, 2021 "Angela! Angela! Bravo!", Shouted the crowd waiting for the two leaders in downtown Beaune.

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