US News: Koh-Lanta, the legend: Namadia reveals the bottom of the formidable combination of the boys

Alexia Laroche-Joubert: His regret on the change of the day of diffusion of Koh-Lanta, Legend (VIDEO)

 Alexia Laroche-Joubert: His regret on the change of the day of diffusion of Koh-Lanta, Legend (VIDEO) © Laurent Vu / Haedrich Jean-Marc / Sipa Alexia Laroche-Joubert: his regret on the change of the day Diffusion from Koh-Lanta, Legend (Video) The new season of Koh-Lanta carton on TF1, although it is not broadcast on a Friday as usual, but on Tuesday. The producer of the show, Alexia Laroche-Joubert, returns to this selection of controversial programming. For twenty years, viewers are appointment every Friday night to follow the adventurers of Koh-Lanta .

Koh-Lanta, la Légende : Namadia révèle les dessous de l'alliance redoutable des garçons © Capture TF1 Koh-Lanta, the legend: Namadia reveals the underside of the formidable alliance of the boys after its exit from Koh- Lanta, Legend, Namadia returns to tele-leisure on the boys' path in this birthday all-stars. A strategy as dreaded as paying for the moment ...

Where will it stop? Episode after episode of this Koh-Lanta, the legend , the block formed by the boys seems stronger than ever ... Conversely girls, who take one to one direction of the exit. Clémentine in the arena, coumba at ambassadors , alexandra last of the event of immunity, Clemence Castel on the board ... Yet remember, at the beginning of adventure, the " Girl Power " Advocated by Coumba could have fear the worst to adventurers. But this strategy will not have done long fire. From the first advice, the candidates have torn themselves in front of jadused adventurers.

"I do not have my place here ...": Jade (Koh-Lanta) disappointed with the behavior of some adventurers? The Ras-le-bowl of the adventurer

A "Girl Power" very criticized

Number of candidates have since criticized this alliance, Cindy Lumeyrol in the head . Alexandra, for its part, defended this strategy on the bottom ... but less on the form suite to the big pressure shot of Coumba . Following the implosion of this group, then arises the question of the survival of the adventurières for the rest of the game. Candice has also shown very skeptical on the future of his teammates: " at reunification, the Girls will leave one by one! "because in front, the boys seem to keep their commitment. Namadia, just eliminated from the adventure, was given leisure telephones on the positioning of men. A strategy that does not say its name , mentioned by Laurent Maistret, and which advances without making a noise in a redoutably efficient way ...

Untouchable boys? Is this alliance 'roller-compressor' sustainable for all that? "

in Koh-Lanta, i Lya flaws everywhere. But this boys alliance, she was like that. Before leaving on the first trial of adventure, we thought that if ever girls And the boys were separated, we had to be a maximum together to reunification. End of debate. This is the only sentence that has been said. Everyone said 'ok' and we stayed on that . We did not do a whole meeting, it took its momentum on a simple phrase "slips the adventurer, revealed in the Malaysia edition in 2012.

Koh-Lanta, Legend: Ahmad defends Claude Dartois against Ugo and causes the debate on Twitter .
© Capture TF1 Koh-Lanta, Legend: Ahmad defends Claude Dartois against Ugo and provokes the debate on Twitter this Wednesday November 3 on Twitter, Ahmad - Candidate of Koh-Lanta, Heroes Island - defended Claude Dartois, more and more criticized on social networks. Ahmad is one of the adventurers who marked his Koh-Lanta season.

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