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US News: The United States is trying to get extradition from Julian Assange

Investigative team defends itself against intervention of the Ippen-Verlagspitze

 Investigative team defends itself against intervention of the Ippen-Verlagspitze Munich / Berlin. An investigative team of Ippen-Verlag had planned a reporting on new insights into the supposed power abuse by "image" chief editor Julian Reichelt. But the own publishing tip should have stopped the publication. © Roland Incense The Investigative Team of the Ippen Group had accrued to Julian Reichelt, editor-in-chief of the "picture", and the accusation of power abuse researched.

Julian Assange: les grandes étapes de la saga judiciaire du fondateur de WikiLeaks © Vincent Lefai Julian Assange: the great stages of the judicial saga of the founder of WikiMeaks

after a first failure, the United States returns to the Loads Wednesday in front of the British justice to obtain the extradition of the founder of WikiMeaks Julian Assange, whether they are pursuing for a massive leak of documents.

after seven years reclusive to the Embassy of Ecuador in London and two and a half years at Belmarsh High Security Prison, the 50-year-old Australian, considered by his followers as a victim of attacks against the freedom of expression, was a major step towards freedom last January.

The boss of the newspaper "Bild" limited after revelations of abuse of power with young recruits

 The boss of the newspaper © Jorg Carstensen Julian Rechechet, August 16th in Berlin. The stories of ass and sex scandals, it is the specialty of Bild Zeitung. The great German popular newspaper has made it its business without worrying, of course, of the right to privacy of persons offended. But when a scandal of this kind directly concerns the chief editor of the tabloid, we obviously prefer to pass the story at the hatch.

British judge Vanessa Barrevice had rejected US extradition demand due to Julian Assange's suicide risk, which risks 175 years in prison in the United States.

But Washington obtained from being able to appeal this decision, questioning the reliability of an expert who had testified in his favor.

The psychiatrist, Michael Kopelman, had indeed known to have deceived the justice in "concealing" the fact that his client had become father when he was cloistered at the Embassy of Ecuador in London.

This call, which must take place over two days at the High Court, constitutes one of the last remedies for Washington, which, in case of further defeat, would no longer have as the opportunity to seize the British Supreme Court, without being assured that it is granted to him.

of diseased Nagelsmann in the hotel - "will contact the half-time"

 of diseased Nagelsmann in the hotel - FC Bayern must do without Benfica Lisbon Champions League game on coach Julian Nagelsmann. © Picture Alliance / Svensimon illuminates and not on the bench against Benfica: Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann. in the stadium of its greatest gloss hour: Coman returns to the starting eleven as the German record champion announced on Wednesday evening, the 34-year-old "unfortunately not sitting on the bench due to a flu infect.".

Le fondateur de WikiLeaks Julian Assange, le 1er mai 2019 à son arrivée devant un tribunal de Londres © Daniel Leal-Olivas The founder of WikiMeaks Julian Assange, May 1, 2019 upon his arrival in a tribunal of London

in case of victory, it would not be the end of the case, who would then be referred to a court led to pronounce on the bottom.

- "badly in point" -

Julian Assange, supported by many organizations for the defense of freedom of the press, is continued for broadcast, from 2010, more than 700,000 documents classified on US military and diplomatic activities , especially in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Manifestation en faveur de Julian Assange à Londres, le 11 août 2021 © Justin Tallis event in favor of Julian Assange in London, August 11, 2021

He was arrested by the British police in April 2019 after spending seven years reclusive to the Embassy of Ecuador in London, where he Was refugee while on bail. He feared extradition to the United States or Sweden, where he was prosecuted for rape that have been abandoned.

According to his companion Stella Moris, who visited him in prison Saturday, Julian Assange is "very badly in point". "Julian would not survive an extradition, that's the conclusion of the judge" in January, she said Monday.

IMPF breakdowns in sport according to experts No reason to worry

 IMPF breakdowns in sport according to experts No reason to worry Frankfurt. The rising numbers of Corona infections despite vaccination as in the Football Bundesliga last at Bavaria Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann or Hoffenheim's player Christoph Baumgartner, according to experts, are not a reason for the worning. © Matthias Schrader Bayern Trainer Julian Nagelsmann.

"Julian wants to be able to return to Australia and see his family, his mother he has not seen for eight years," she explained, while recognizing that it would be difficult because "Australia has Nothing done to ensure his safety ".

for the editor-in-chief of Wikileaks, Kristinn Hrafnsson, he would be "unthinkable" that the High Court of London reaches to any other conclusion that a confirmation "refusal to return Assange to Washington.

-" Permanent Threat "-

Saturday , hundreds of protesters - with pancarts "do not exhaust assange", "journalism is not a crime" or "10 years old, it is enough, release Assange now!" - Get together before the High Court of London, alongside Stella Moris, to claim his release.

Several organizations for the defense of human rights and freedom of the press - including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Reporters Without Borders --, "deeply worried", have asked mi -Octuber in an open letter to the US Attorney to abandon his prosecutions.

Julian Assange is under the chairmanship of Donald Trump. Under his predecessor Barack Obama, who had Joe Biden for vice-p Resident, American justice had given up continue the founder of Wikileaks.

But the election of Joe Biden at the White House did not bring the inflection expected by the supports of Julian Assange.

The Director of International Reporters Without Borders, Rebecca Vincent, said the Democratic President had missed the opportunity to "distance himself from his predecessors".

"The United States seems determined to continue on this road but it is not inevitable," she told the press. "It must stop".


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