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US News: Coup d'état in Sudan: The AU suspends the country of its instances, the arrests multiply

Sudan: Ministers arrested, the army deployed in Khartoum

 Sudan: Ministers arrested, the army deployed in Khartoum Sudan-Politics: Sudan: Ministers arrested, the army deployed in Khartoum © Reuters / Hannibal Hanschke Sudan: Ministers arrested, the army deployed in Khartoum Khartoum (Reuters) - Most Civil Government members of Sudan were arrested on Monday, as well as many political leaders supporting and a member of the Council of Sovereignty, found journalists from Reuters, while the army. 'Is deployed in the capital Khartoum to restrict the movements.

Le siège de l'Union africaine à Addis-Abeba. © RFI / Miguel Martins The headquarters of the African Union in Addis Ababa.

At the end of a long meeting, the African Union Peace and Security Council decided to "suspend" the Sudan of the AU's bodies until the power of a transitional government led by civilians. At the same time, the arrests of civilians continue in Khartoum.

In its final communiqué published this morning, the Council "firmly condemns" the taking of power by the military and "totally rejects the unconstitutional change of government", which it qualifies "unacceptable". He asked the Chairman of the Commission to dispatch a scape in Khartoum to engage in a dialogue with political actors in order to "restore constitutional order". Finally, he greets the release of the Prime Minister, but calls for the release of political detainees, including members of the overturned government.

In Sudan, the army suspends the democratization

 In Sudan, the army suspends the democratization © AFP in Khartoum the capital, but also in other cities in Sudan, the protesters marked Monday, October 25. (Photo by AFP) The civil prime minister was arrested, the dissolved government and the state of emergency proclaimed by General Al-Buhrane. But civilians went down in the streets of Khartoum to defend democratization.

Hamdok returned home, but still watched by the army

Tuesday night, Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok was brought back home, but he remains "under enhanced surveillance". His home is located in Kafouri, a neighborhood northeast of Khartoum, on the edge of the blue Nile. According to military sources, "security measures have been taken in the perimeter", that is, the Prime Minister Limoged is under residence, explains our correspondent in Khartoum, Eliott Brachet .

At its second speech, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan had attempted to reassure the international community by ensuring that the chief of the government he himself dissolved, was at home at the army headquarters. Burhan looked like jokingly, letting believe that the relationships between the two men were fine. The General said that the Prime Minister was in danger, that's why he had been detained. But facing the incessant calls from many capitals around the world, the man who orchestrated the coup de force in Sudan, ended up yielding.

Sudan. The flights are resumed at Khartoum airport after the

 Sudan. The flights are resumed at Khartoum airport after the shot © Tim Chong / Reuters Flights will resume this Wednesday, October 27 in Khartoum. Photo Stock Illustration. After the coup in Sudan Monday, October 25, the flights will resume at the airport of the capital Khartoum this Wednesday, October 27, and not on October 30 as previously announced.

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Abdallah Hamdok still did not have the right to express himself, but he met Tuesday night, with the Chief of American diplomacy, Anthony Blinken. In a Common Communiqué published on Wednesday, European ambassadors to Khartoum, as well as the British and American ambassadors, ask to meet Abdallah Hamdok as soon as possible. They add that they always consider it as the legitimate Prime Minister of Sudan and ask for the release of all political detainees arrested since Monday.

Multiplication of arrests

If we know where the one who had incarnated the democratic transition, this is not the case for most civilian representatives held in Monday morning. No information on their place of detention has filtered. And the arrests continue again. On Wednesday morning, the military and safe forces carried out an unprecedented wave of arrest, since their coup d'etat on Monday.

Sudan: Arrest of Putsch opponents, strong pressures abroad

 Sudan: Arrest of Putsch opponents, strong pressures abroad © Sudanese security forces have multiplied Wednesday the arrests of militants and protesters and quarry Khartoum to attempt to finish with the Opposition to the coup of General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhane. Abroad, the African Union and the World Bank raised pressure on the army: the first suspended the Sudan of its institutions and the second ceased its help, however vital for this poor land dive in the economic marasm and undermined by conflict.

In addition to the three ministers whose arrest was confirmed at the beginning of the week, two other ministers were arrested on Wednesday morning. It is about Yasser Abbas the Minister of Irrigation, and Oumar Al-Najib, the Minister of Health.

Two other Prime Minister's advisors were also arrested. They join Yasser Armane, political advisor in detention since Monday. There was also the arrest of Ismail Al-Taj, responsible for the Association of Sudanese professionals, as well as several other forces officials for freedom and change. The information on these arrests are often confirmed by the families and the entourage of detainees.

Thus, Maryam Sadeq al-Mahdi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Dissolved and Leader Government of the Oumma party confirmed the arrest of his brother Siddik, also a leader of that party. She had said Monday to RFI that "the attempts of a party to impose his own vision on the other party is a fight lost in advance and does not lead anywhere."

The arrest list that affects all the senior officials of political parties and hostile movements at the military coup is now very long. It also includes lawyers and activists in neighborhood resistance committees.

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Sudan: Military gestures do not call the street, the UN is worried .
© Ap - Marwan Ali in the streets of Khartoum, November 4, 2021, protesters show their rejection of Burhan coup . The UN Human Rights Council asked Friday, November 5, the "immediate return" of the civilian government, after the Putsch of October 25.

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