US News: Sudan: Arrest of Putsch opponents, strong pressures abroad

Burma: Lesse scenes in front of the prisons after the amnesty of the

 Burma: Lesse scenes in front of the prisons after the amnesty of the © AFP d es hundred political inmates Burmese, amnded by the junta under international pressure, have found Tuesday their families in junia before the prisons, some already promising to resume the fight against the military regime. Than Toe Aung, detained nearly six months, falls into the arms of his sister who waits for him for hours in front of the infamous inneley prison in Rangoun.

  Soudan: arrestation d'opposants au putsch, fortes pressions à l'étranger © Sudanese security forces have multiplied Wednesday the arrests of militants and protesters and quarry Khartoum to attempt to finish with the Opposition to the coup of General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhane. Abroad, the African Union and the World Bank raised pressure on the army: the first suspended the Sudan

of its institutions and the second ceased its help, however vital for this poor land dive in the economic marasm and undermined by conflict. However, the army tried to give wages by allowing the return on Tuesday at home in Khartoum from the spilled Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok, detained after the putsch Monday with most civilians who composed the power of transition. Even if it remains "under close supervision" according to his office.

Sudan: Ministers arrested, the army deployed in Khartoum

 Sudan: Ministers arrested, the army deployed in Khartoum Sudan-Politics: Sudan: Ministers arrested, the army deployed in Khartoum © Reuters / Hannibal Hanschke Sudan: Ministers arrested, the army deployed in Khartoum Khartoum (Reuters) - Most Civil Government members of Sudan were arrested on Monday, as well as many political leaders supporting and a member of the Council of Sovereignty, found journalists from Reuters, while the army. 'Is deployed in the capital Khartoum to restrict the movements.

A sign of openness in appearance only because at the same time, the museum of the opposition has reinforced. One of the leaders of the greatest party in Sudan, the Umma, was arrested as well as other activists and demonstrators who blocked the main avenues of Khartoum. To prevent demonstrators from gathering, the security forces "removed all the barricades" of branches, stones or burned tires in the city center, indicated to the


Hadi Bachir. "And they stop all those who are in their surroundings."

In the night, they shot tearful grenades on the protesters, after four protesters were killed and more than 80 wounded Monday by troops according to doctors.

Manifestation of the "million"

Challenge at the screw turn, activists called on social networks to a "manifestation of one million people" Saturday to claim the full transfer of power to civilians. To try to explain his stroke, General Burhane has pretended on Tuesday the risk of "civil war" born of another demonstration against the army a week ago.

In Sudan, the army suspends the democratization

 In Sudan, the army suspends the democratization © AFP in Khartoum the capital, but also in other cities in Sudan, the protesters marked Monday, October 25. (Photo by AFP) The civil prime minister was arrested, the dissolved government and the state of emergency proclaimed by General Al-Buhrane. But civilians went down in the streets of Khartoum to defend democratization.

obviously not convinced, Western ambassadors have repeated that for them "Mr. Hamdok is always the Prime Minister and his government constitutional power", and have asked to meet him in person.

Mr. Hamdok, who was the civilian face of post-dictatorship transition in Sudan, only spoke on the phone with the leader of American diplomacy Antony Blinken Tuesday.

While Sudan had just returned to their place in the concert of nations after the goal of General

Omar El-Bésir

in 2019, he may be isolated again.

and the international community chose to hit the leaflet.

The United States , which had remained only at the end of 2020 the Sudan of their list of countries supporting "terrorism", suspended the part of its help. And the European Union threatened to follow.

Moscow On the other hand considers alone that the coup d'etat was "the logical result of a failed policy", while the UN Security Council could not agree on a joint statement on the putsch.

Sudan: The street keeps the pressure on the putschists

 Sudan: The street keeps the pressure on the putschists They did not give up the hope of a more democratic and free Sudan. At the timer of military coup that brutally interrupted the transition started in 2019 in the world's poorest country, demonstrations continue in the capital, Khartoum. On Wednesday morning, the police responded by new tear gas shots on protesters - four of whom have been killed by bullets, according to doctors. Several dams installed by the protesters were dismantled and people were arrested.

"Big error"

Sudanese demonstrators say they will not leave the street before the reinstatement of a civilian power, while since independence 65 years ago the country has always lived under the ferrule of the army. at the end of 2018 and 2019 already, they argue, they had camped for months until forcing the army to dismiss President Omar El-Bashir. More than 250 people perished in repression of the revolt.

Two years later, "the protest movement has learned from its mistakes and is now more sophisticated," says the International Crisis Group (ICG). "Trying to finish with the protests by force would be a big mistake of the military".

Because, promotes the Research Center, the Proposed Activists now have "a network of local committees across the country that can organize efficiently, even without the Internet."

The proof? Events are also taking place in other cities in the country, sporadic and also regularly dispersed by the security forces, according to witnesses.

It is, however, in Khartoum, and by far that the situation is the most tense.

The airport, in the city center and thus encircled by protesters and law enforcement, must reopen officially in the afternoon but no company has so far been risky to announce the resumption of its flights to Or since the Sudanese capital where the Internet is always cut off.

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Sudan: Military gestures do not call the street, the UN is worried .
© Ap - Marwan Ali in the streets of Khartoum, November 4, 2021, protesters show their rejection of Burhan coup . The UN Human Rights Council asked Friday, November 5, the "immediate return" of the civilian government, after the Putsch of October 25.

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