US News: Cinema in Hong Kong: Beijing wants to fear professionals at the self-censorship

Human Rights Defenders call the Beijing Winter Olycott boycott

 Human Rights Defenders call the Beijing Winter Olycott boycott Olympic Games-2022 / Events (Photo, TV): Human Rights Defenders call for the winter Olycott Boycott Beijing Athens, 19 October (Reuters) - Militants for Human Rights have urged governments and athletes from around the world to boycott the 2022 Olympic Winter Games, which will take place in Beijing next February, affirming That participation would make the world complicit from what they qualify for genocide against Uighours.

Le Conseil législatif hongkongais a adopté une nouvelle loi sur la censure des films pour «protéger la sécurité nationale». © Reuters - Tyrone SIU The Hong Kong Legislative Council has adopted a new law on censorship of films to "protect national security".

The 7th Art does not escape the resumption of civil society in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Legislative Council, now without opposition, has adopted a new law on censorship of films to "protect national security".

of our correspondent in Beijing,

of the protesters dressed in black, masked before the Cvid and carrying umbrellas against the force of the order: R Evolution of our time was broadcast at the last Festival of Cannes. You will never see it on the Hong Kong screens and even less on the Chinese screens. Even before the amendment voted by legislators Wednesday, October 27, director Kiwi Chow said to live in fear.

The boss of the newspaper "Bild" limited after revelations of abuse of power with young recruits

 The boss of the newspaper © Jorg Carstensen Julian Rechechet, August 16th in Berlin. The stories of ass and sex scandals, it is the specialty of Bild Zeitung. The great German popular newspaper has made it its business without worrying, of course, of the right to privacy of persons offended. But when a scandal of this kind directly concerns the chief editor of the tabloid, we obviously prefer to pass the story at the hatch.

censorship made in china

It's not the only one! All his team does not appear to the credits of this documentary on the 2019 protests in Hong Kong, where the censorship made in China now applies which transforms the censors into the guardians of the law on security, a kind of police officers of the "CE that we must not see or do not hear. "

pro-Chinese side, the amendment must help avoid political films that criticize China and the Communist Party. "The goal is very clear," said Edward Yau, it's about preventing any act endangering national security. "The cinema industry will still remain unaffected by the bill, continues to trade in Legislative Council cited by the Global Times in Beijing. This will help the industry better comply with the rules and avoid walking beyond "red lines" by mistake. "

Evergrande: The indebted Chinese promoter collapses for his return on

 Evergrande: The indebted Chinese promoter collapses for his return on © Hector Retamal, AFP A view of the building Evergrande Center in Shanghai, September 24, 2021. Ultra-indebtedness, the Chinese real estate group Evergrande saw its Action collapse, Thursday, on his return on the stock market in Hong Kong. The course of his action dropped by 10.5% in the first exchanges, a sign of the low confidence that investors give him. The continued fall for Evergrande.

For activists pro-democracy, on the other hand, this law is a new exterior of the freedom of expression and the creativity of a cinema that has long watten the world. "It's a dangerous climate for businesses that need to make content decisions," says Darrel West, researcher at the AFP Innovation Technology Center.

Heavy Sanctions

This censorship was already in place before the vote of legislators: last spring the distributor of Inside The Red Brick Wall, other documentary on the 2019 protests, was excluded from public financing. It accompanies the control of the press and the recovery of the public media as well as the setting up of the unions. It mainly reinforces the action of the state.

With the law, the authorities now have the "Final Cut" on films and inspectors may land at any time without a warrant, for searching the premises of the productions companies. Those who do not enter into the blurred setting and in any case subject to interpretation, of the "National Security Act", risk heavy sanctions: up to 110,000 euros of fines and three years in prison.

"Adding National Security Clauses to the Bill is a clear political censorship," says Kenny NG, Associate Professor at the Hong Kong University Baptist Film Academy, in remarks reported by the Reuters Agency . The strength of Chinese censorship being here to fear professionals with self-censors.

Beijing will hold for criminally lifelong the independence of Taiwan .
© AP - Chiang Ying-Ying A Taiwanese pose in front of the presidential palace in Taipei at the National Country Day on October 10, 2021. Announcement was made this Friday the Chinese Taiwan business office. This is the first time that China states sanctions against people regarded as pro-independence on this autonomous island it claims.

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