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US News: Angela Merkel (CDU) reminds of "Immersions" for Greeks in euro debt crisis

at EU Summit: Merkel with Standing Applause in Brussels adopted

 at EU Summit: Merkel with Standing Applause in Brussels adopted to their farewell to politicians, Chancellor Angela Merkel has received some gifts in Brussels in Brussels in addition to a lot of recognizing words. Standing Ovations also existed. According to diplomats, a small farewell ceremony was shown on Friday morning a 20-minute video with summit scenes from the past 16 years. © AFP Angela Merkel at her last official visit to Brussels. Merkel is also to be seen with numerous long-term official leaders, it was said.

The Chancellor has granted at her farewell visit to Athens that it has demanded a lot of people in Greece during the euro crisis. Your goal has always been that the country will stay part of the euro.

  Angela Merkel (CDU) erinnert an »Zumutungen« für Griechen in Euro-Schuldenkrise © Aris Messinis / AFP

Angela Merkel has spoken at its last visit to Athens as Federal Chancellor about relations between Germany and Greece . "The hardest was the phase in which it was about the stability of the euro," Merkel said at a common press conference with the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis . She has always been aware of her, "that I have a great deal of people in Greece."

Merkel said in her visit to the Greek capital, she has always used itself, "that Greece remains part of the euro." It is now necessary to adhere to Greece as a member of the European Monetary Union. During the euro crisis, everyone was very shocked, as prone to the euro was from the outside against speculation. This first met the countries that had a higher debt and had not yet tackled certain reforms.

Steinmeier hands over Cabinet Merkel Discharge Customers

 Steinmeier hands over Cabinet Merkel Discharge Customers Berlin. Federal President Steinmeier has released Chancellor Merkel and the ministers and ministers of the previous major coalition from the office. Merkel's Chancellery he honors as "one of the greats in history". © Jens Schlueter Angela Merkel and Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Tuesday in Bellevue Castle. Your term of office ended formally on Wednesday with the constituent meeting of the newly chosen Bundestag.

However, the currency zone can only hold together if the effectiveness of national economies become more comparable. Financial flexibility can only be made if you were innovative and creative, the Chancellor added and referred to the high average age of populations in Germany and Greece. "We have to see that we do not make ourselves prone to the international financial markets." Merkel had also prevailed against the resistance of the then Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schauele that the highly indebted Greece remained in the eurozone.

Despite the exhaustive words, Merkel spoke to a maintenance of the euro stability pact and reaffirmed its resistance to changes. You will not solve the problems by throwing it overboard, she said to reform efforts. "The flexibility of the previous stability pool is not so small." The problem is more likely that in the good years in some Euro countries was not well managed. Background are receivables, investments for climate protection expenditure or to manage the corona crisis in the deficit calculation.

Merkel comes farewell to France after 16 years in power .
© Philippe Desmazes Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron arrive in Beaune, November 3, 2021 Smile, Angela Merkel was welcomed by Emmanuel Macron Wednesday in Beaune (Coast D To say goodbye to France after 16 years in power, during which she worked closely with four French presidents. © Philippe Desmazes Angela Merkel is greeted by the crowd in Beaune, November 3, 2021 "Angela! Angela! Bravo!", Shouted the crowd waiting for the two leaders in downtown Beaune.

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