US News: Climate: Joe Biden goes to the Cop26 Hands Almost Empty

Elisabeth II renounces participate in COP 26 "on medical advice", a few days after its hospitalization

 Elisabeth II renounces participate in COP 26 © SIPA Elisabeth II renounces participating in COP 26 "on medical advice", a few days after hospitalization a few days after Increasingly concerned hospitalization, it is learned that the 95-year-old monarch has annulled its participation in the Glasgow Conference of 2021 on climate change. The concern continues to grow. In the night of Wednesday, 20th to Thursday, October 21, Elisabeth II was hospitalized at Edward VII Hospital.

Joe Biden (D) et la Première dame Jill Biden à Rome le 29 octobre 2021 © Alberto Pizzoli Joe Biden (D) and the first Lady Jill Biden in Rome on October 29, 2021

The ambitious plan of Joe Biden for families and From the environment remained blocked Friday at Congress, depriving the US President of the success he hoped before the beginning of COP26.

The vast plan, baptized "Build Back Better", is a campaign promise that plans to turn into a decade into the education, health and fight against climate change into a decade.

"I know we have the framework of a historic economic plan," said Thursday the President, after meeting the elected representatives of his party in the House of Representatives who offered him a support of principle.

After the submarine crisis, Macron receives biden in Rome in G20

 After the submarine crisis, Macron receives biden in Rome in G20 curtain lift © AFP - Brendan Smixowski US President Joe Biden (left) and the first American lady Jill Biden disembark Air Force One Upon arrival at Rome Fiumicino International Airport, early October 29, 2021, Rome, Italy. Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden will meet at the end of the afternoon on October 29 in Rome before the opening of the G20 for which the two leaders go to the Italian capital.

This framework "will create millions of jobs, will grow the economy, will invest in our nation and our people," he added during a speech from the White House, before flying for the G20 in Rome.

Democrats, which control the lower room, will now study the details of the 2,500 pages of the plan in the coming days.

But it will be too late for Joe Biden, who wanted to arrive on Monday at the International Climate Summit in Glasgow (Scotland) with in pocket ratification of the "biggest investment ever made to deal with the climate crisis", according to him.

Sélection des points clés du rapport du Giec sur le climat © ALAIN BOMMENEL Selecting the key points of the IPCC report on the climate

The climate component of the plan is expected to invest $ 550 billion to reduce 2030 greenhouse gas emissions from 50 to 52% compared to the 2005 levels, a commitment by Mr. Biden when returning from the United States in the Paris Agreement after the Trump parenthesis.

Cop26: The White House puts pressure on China

 Cop26: The White House puts pressure on China Climate-UN-USA-China: Cop26: The White House puts pressure on China © Reuters / Aly Song Cop26: The White House puts pressure on the China A Air Force One (Reuters) - China must move up a gear to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, said the White House on Monday, while Glasgow opens the United Nations Conference on the climate (COP26).

- "Huge step forward" -

The plan also promises tax gifts to individuals to move to clean energies (solar panels, wind turbines, electric car) and businesses to increase their competitiveness in green technologies.

It's "a huge step forward to achieve President Biden's climate 's objectives," Sheldon Kimber, boss of the Intersect Power specialized company.

"But to concretize them, it will take a collective will, a social consensus and the mobilization of the government and the private sector," he said, hoping that the Congress "finds the will to vote" the text.

Especially since its adoption is supposed to trigger that of another plan of $ 1.200 billion of investments in infrastructure (roads, bridges ...), also a promise of campaign of the Democratic President.

The law "Build Back Better" has been the subject of difficult internal negotiations for several months, the moderates and progressives tearing on the total amount of the invoice and the spectrum of the reform.

two investment plans, an election: decisive week for the presidency biden

 two investment plans, an election: decisive week for the presidency biden © brandan shamixowski The US President Joe Biden at the G20 summit in Rome, October 31, 2021 Joe Biden is at COP26 in Glasgow, but all Part of his presidency is played this week in the United States, between a crucial election in Virginia that prefigures next political battles and the possibility of a vote on his titanic investment plans.

Two centrist senators, Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin, opposed frontier to a first version of the plan.

Their votes are essential because the Democratic majority in the Senate is so tenuous that a single dissonant voice is equivalent to a veto.

To convince them, Joe Biden has expanded elements of litigation and reduced the amount of the plan to $ 1,750 billion over a decade, was half less than an initially announced.

The two elected officials did not say explicitly if they would support the proposed text.

- Reality -

These concessions are also denounced by the left wing of the party, favorable to further reforms.

The progressive elected officials of the House block the final adoption of the Infrastructure Act, approved by the Senate in August, ensuring wanting to vote the two texts together because "they are part of the same program".

"Our group members will not vote on the infrastructure without the Build Back Better law. We will get to work immediately to finalize and vote the two legislation at the same time in the House," said Thursday. Group of Progressive.

One of his leaders, Ro Khanna, however, indicated Thursday night on CNN being "quite assured" that the progressives would vote the text, why not next week.

"We wanted a package of $ 3,500 billion but we understand the reality of the situation," also admitted the boss of the group, Pramila Jayapal, to journalists.

for Joe Biden, these two texts will determine the success of his mandate, and in particular the result of the partial parliamentary elections of 2022.

"The majority in the House and the Senate and my presidency will be determined by what will happen next week "He assured Mr. Biden during his meeting with the elected officials, according to the New York Times.


Glasgow and the world walk for the climate .
© AFP S Os a diluvian rain Glasgow prepares Saturday to be the epicenter of a global mobilization that must see tens of thousands of protesters across the planet call to the Action against climate change that threatens humanity. from Sydney to Paris via London, Nairobi or Mexico, more than 200 events are planned, according to the coalition of organizations causing the mobilization.

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