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US News: What is Z Event, this French Streamers Charity Marathon that harvests millions?

COVID-19. China has vaccinated three-quarters of its population

 COVID-19. China has vaccinated three-quarters of its population © AFP A man receiving the Vaccine Sinopharm against CIVID-19, Wuhan, China, October 14, 2021. Photo of illustration. The Commission spokesman announced this Sunday, October 24, 2021 that three-quarters of the Chinese and Chinese are now completely vaccinated against CVIV-19. China has completely vaccinated 75.6% of its population against the Covid-19 , said this Sunday, October 24 the spokesman for the National Commission for Health.

  Qu’est-ce que le Z Event, ce marathon caritatif de streamers français qui récolte des millions ? © Copyright 2021, Obs

It is a charity marathon that has already lifted last year 5.7 million euros for Amnesty International. The Z Event returns for a sixth edition, this time action against hunger. On the program: more than fifty hours of direct, lived by many celebrities of streaming and gaming in France. The kickoff is given this Friday, October 29 at 18 hours on Twitch.

The project was launched in 2016, under the name of "Avengers project", by Adrien Nougaret (Alias ​​Zerator) and Alexandre Dachary (DACH), before becoming the "Z Event" the following year. The concept: gathered in Montpellier, players pass this marathon to play video games, live and simultaneously on the own chain. All by encouraging their spectators to give the association.

London will convene the French ambassador after the tensions around fishing licenses

 London will convene the French ambassador after the tensions around fishing licenses © Copyright 2021, the Obs London will convene the ambassador of France after the threats of retaliation formulated by Paris about fishing licenses Post-Brexit , which she criticizes the United Kingdom to grant too small number, announced the British government this Thursday, October 28.

Every year, the sum harvested, as is the popularity of the event, is growing. 170,000 euros in 2016 for Save the Children, recalls the Z Event site, 500,000 the following year for the French Red Cross. In 2018, more than a million euros are meeting for doctors without borders, 3.5 million euros for the Pasteur Institute in 2019, reaching 5.7 million euros in 2020 for Amnesty - A global record for a charitable stream - during an edition a stranded jostled by COVID-19.

Samuel Etienne: "Ten months ago, I did not know about Twitch"

record still beaten this year? To harvest donations, the Z event relies on the participation of Stars of Twitch or YouTube, including Stairs Stars, Gotaga, the Grenier player, Maghla or Jeel. Live entertainment professionals, who, if they are not all necessarily known to the general public, bring together communities that cumulative represent several million Internet users.

What's behind the fish zank between Paris and London is

 What's behind the fish zank between Paris and London is Paris / London. A solution in the British French fishing dispute does not seem to be in sight even after a personal meeting at peak level. Both sides believe that the other side is the Brexit Agreement Breche and giving. © Gregorio Borgia Emmanuel Macron (left) and Boris Johnson in Rome at the Trevi Fountain.

Challenges to boost donations?

To boost donations, participants start challenges, humorous or not, announced upstream on social networks. If 225,000 euros are harvested, one of them promises to climb Mont Ventoux by bike while another promises him to "survive four days on the largest glacier in Europe". Jean Massiet, known for his political decryptions, promises on his side a "complete reading of the constitution in ASMR" for 49 300 euros, and ensures that he will present himself to the presidential election for a million.

"We address, for the most part, players," says DACH, one of the organizers, with " 20 minutes ".

"And the very principle of players is to take up challenges. So far, we have always beaten our record every year. And the spectators themselves, I think, without that we tell them, see it as a challenge. "

This Friday, a concert was also organized by the event in front of 300 spectators and brought together artists Fianso, Kikesa and LEJ, music video director PV Nova or the streameuse LittleBigWhale. A show that has already helped raise $ 15 000, says USAinformations .

See you in the night from Sunday to Monday for the end of the event - and passing a new record?

for a holiday, to find loved ones ... Are you going to take advantage of the reopening of the United States borders? .
It took almost two years for the country of Uncle SAM to be accessible again © Canva / 20 minutes You can now wander in Times Square as you please. Your life Your opinion - It took almost two years for the country of Uncle SAM to be accessible again twenty-three months. 23 months that the United States had closed their borders and it was (more or less) impossible to get there because of the restrictions related to the pandemic of Coronavirus .

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