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US News: Turkey: Erdogan inaugurates the new cultural center of Istanbul, a project that makes controversy

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Le président Erdogan lors de la cérémonie d'inauguration du nouveau centre culturel à Istanbul, le 29 octobre 2021. © AFP - Murat Cetin Muhurdar President Erdogan at the inauguration ceremony of the new cultural center in Istanbul, October 29, 2021.

In Istanbul, you can not miss this monumental building. The new cultural center of Taksim Square has finally been inaugurated on Friday, October 29, and in great pumps and the President of the Turkish Republic, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has moved in person. But the construction of this building, in place of a symbolic building of protests against the government, makes teeth creak.

A cultural center worthy of this name, capable of competing with the largest European scenes: Erdogan has done it and its 2040-seater opera, inaugurated on Taksim Square, is a pride. So no question of missing. During the evening, a specially composed piece has been played. Outside a giant screen retransmits the work. Mahmut, thirty, does not lose a crumb: "As soon as we heard the news, we came. It is very beautiful ! He confides to our correspondent in Istanbul, cherry sudry-the due.

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In addition to the opera, the building includes theater, a two-storey library, a cultural center for children, movie theaters and concerts, exhibition venues, cafes and restaurants.

An "ideological" project?

But its construction has annoyed more than one. The building replaced the former Lay Cultural Center Atatürk, opened in 1969, aging but became a symbol of the protests of Gezi against the government, in 2013.

Pelin Pinar Giritlioǧlu, from the Chamber of Planners, denounces a project " Ideological ":" According to expert reports, the former building should not have been destroyed, it could have been strengthened. This new building has nothing to do with the cultural heritage of this place.

The center faces the new mosque, inaugurated six months ago. It's noting that Taksim Square now has a brand new face.

The Turkish president is engaged in great works, including some qualified "Pharaonic" such as Canal Istanbul , intended to print its mark on a country and a city that it shapes its image.

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