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US News: Prince Andrew asks for the rejection of the sexual assault complaint for the United States

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Prince Andrew asks US justice to reject the "unfounded" complaint of Virginia Giauffre who accuses him of sexual assault When she was a minor . According to this written request filed on Friday by the lawyer of the Duke of York, the complainant would seek to benefit financially from the case. Counsel Andrew Brettler is a woman to continue the prince "to get more money" from the allegations against the sulphureux Financial Jeffrey Epstein, died in 2019 .

"Most people do not even dream of getting money that GIuffre has garnered over the years," says Andrew Brettler.

"This is a motivation for giuffre so that it continues to sue the unusual prosecution of individuals such as Prince Andrew, whose tainted reputation is only the last collateral damage of the Epstein scandal," adds. he.

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Virginia Giauffre, 38, who has already accused the second son of Queen Elizabeth, filed a complaint in August 2021 in the Federal Court of Manhattan. The case is particularly embarrassing for the British royal family because Jeffrey Epstein is associated with it.

In his complaint, Virginia Giuffre accuses Prince Andrew for being "one of the powerful men" to whom she would have been "given for a sexual purpose" when she was, she says, the victim between 2000 and 2002, from its 16-year-olds, vast sex trafficking for which Jeffrey Epstein was charged and incarcerated, before killing himself in a prison in Manhattan, in the summer of 2019.

Prince Andrew, 61 years old. , has always denied the accusations . His lawyers are asking the Manhattan court that the complaint is rejected because, according to them, it does not state "an application that can give rise to reparation". Alternatively, they ask the Tribunal to require the complainant to "provide a more permanent version of his allegations". It is also asked justice to hold an "oral debate" on these issues. Since the filing of the complaint, the Duke of York had challenged its notification, before finally recognizing it.

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"Prince Andrew has never committed aggression or sexually assaulted giuffre"

"Virginia Giuffre could have been a victim of sexual abuse from Jeffrey Epstein, and nothing can excuse, nor to say fully, the Horror and the gravity of Epstein's monstrous behavior against giauffre, if proven, "write the lawyers. "However, and without diminishing the injury suffered because of the presumed behavior of Epstein, Prince Andrew has never committed aggression or sexually assaulted giuffre. He unequivocally denies the false allegations of giuffre against him, "they add.

Prince's lawyers also claim that Virginia Giuffre "would have received millions of dollars from an amicable settlement dating back to 2017 after pursuing Ghislaine Maxwell, a near Jeffrey Epstein.

They also declare that an agreement, signed with Jeffrey Epstein in 2009, prevented him from pursuing anyone else in connection with his allegations of sexual abuse. Solicited, a virginia giuffre lawyer had not reacted immediately.

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