US News: Post-Brexit Fishing: Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson are committed to a "Deescalad" in the "Next Days"

Emmanuel Macron inaugurates the Dreyfus Museum, located next to the Zola de Medan

 Emmanuel Macron inaugurates the Dreyfus Museum, located next to the Zola de Medan © Ludovic Marin / AFP Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Macron with the president of the Zola-Museum Dreyfus Louis Gautier, the back -Semstité-daughter of Émile Zola Martine The Blond-Zola, the Minister of Culture Roselyne Bachelot and the Deputy Minister responsible for equality between women and men, diversity and equal opportunities Elizabeth Moreno.

Pêche post-Brexit : Emmanuel Macron et Boris Johnson s'engagent à une © Chesnot / Getty Images Post-Brexit Fishing: Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson engage in "de-escalation" "In the" next few days " the Head of State and the British Prime Minister spoken on one-on-one, Sunday, October 31, on the margin of the G20 in Rome, to address the thorny file of fishing.

The French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided on Sunday, October 31 to work "practical measures" in "the next few days" to promote "a de-escalation" in the conflict on fishing between France and the United Kingdom announced the Elysee. It is a question of ensuring that "practical and operational measures are taken as soon as possible to avoid a rise in tension", explained the French presidency after an interview between the two leaders in Rome. One point will be made on Tuesday on the implementation or not of retaliation measures by Paris, specified the same source.

Brexit: Boris Johnson promises to "do the necessary" to defend the British interests on the fishing

 Brexit: Boris Johnson promises to Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron must meet during the weekend in Rome, on the sidelines of the G20 leaders summit which precedes the Cop26 in Glasgow © Christian Hartmann / Pool / AFP The British Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron, at the NATO Summit in London, December 4, 2019.

The dispute is about "a few dozen boats", so "it's perfectly possible" to achieve a solution, she said. France complains in the United Kingdom to give too little post-Brexit licenses to its fishermen in British waters. She promised, lack of improvement, to prohibit from Tuesday to British fishing vessels to land their cargo in French ports and strengthen customs controls of trucks.

Far from calming before the G20, the tension is still mounted Friday with the threat of London to implement "rigorous controls" on European boats fresh in its waters, if Paris effectively puts its threats. During the working meeting, which lasted nearly half an hour, Emmanuel Macron "wanted to pass" in Boris Johnson "a message of requirement, seriousness and respect with respect to a large partner From France ", according to the Elysée, while the British part had not communicated on the meeting at the end of the morning. "We are waiting for it (the United Kingdom) respects the rules of the game and its signature" of the Brexit Agreement, added the Presidency. "Even if Boris Johnson is still trying to do this a Franco-British topic, these are post-Brexit cases that are dealing with between the EU and the United Kingdom," says it.

On the margin of the G20, Boris Johnson complained Saturday from the chief of the European executive Ursula von Der Leyen "completely unjustified" threats of Paris, and indicated that London envisaged "actively" for the first time a tool conflict resolution in post-Brexit agreements with the EU.

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