US News: Tensions around the fishing: the United Kingdom denounces "completely unreasonable threats"

France will prohibit British fishing boats from landing from November 2nd

 France will prohibit British fishing boats from landing from November 2nd © Sameer Al-Doumy / Archives AFP A French fishing boat near Jersey, May 6th. France announces that it will ban British fishing boats to land from Tuesday, November 2nd. A retaliation measure to fold the United Kingdom, refractory to the attribution of fisheries licenses to certain French boats.

new episode in the tensions that oppose Paris and London . The British Foreign Minister Liz Truss, called on Monday the French government to withdraw its threats of sanctions in the dispute on post-Brexit fishing licenses.

"The French have made completely unreasonable threats , including against the Anglo-Norman Islands and our fishing industry and they must withdraw these threats," said Liz Truss on the Skynews string. In the absence of a solution "within 48 hours", the degives for diplomacy stated that the British Government would be based on the dispute settlement mechanism under the post-Brexit trade agreement to request "countervailing measures".

Brexit. The Captain of the British trawler confused in Le Havre will be judged in August 2022

 Brexit. The Captain of the British trawler confused in Le Havre will be judged in August 2022 © Sarah Meyssonnier / Reuters a patrol of the French gendarmerie, on October 28, 2021, next to the "Cornelis Gert Jan", a ship arrested Wednesday, October 27 for fishing in the French waters without a license. The United Kingdom on the issue of post-Brexit fishing licenses, the prosecutor's office announced Friday, October 29 that the Chalier captain by Le Havre Wednesday for fishing without a license would be judged on 11 August 2022.

Under the Brexit Agreement, European fishermen can continue to work in some British waters as long as they can prove that they were forever there. But French and British compete with the nature and extent of the proof to be provided. Both parties believe they are in their good right and French President Emmanuel Macron said Sunday that the "ball was in the British camp" .

video. Post-Brexit Fisheries License: The French Government wants to punish England

for lack of advancement by Tuesday, Paris Threat to apply the ban on British fishing vessels to land their cargo in the French ports as well as the strengthening of customs controls of trucks.

Video: Fishing: France Threat The United Kingdom of Sanctions (BFM Business)

Northern Ireland Also at the heart of

Brexit: Boris Johnson promises to "do the necessary" to defend the British interests on the fishing

 Brexit: Boris Johnson promises to Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron must meet during the weekend in Rome, on the sidelines of the G20 leaders summit which precedes the Cop26 in Glasgow © Christian Hartmann / Pool / AFP The British Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron, at the NATO Summit in London, December 4, 2019.

worries taken in this dispute between the two countries, Ian Gorst, Minister of External Relations of Jersey's Anglo-Norman Island, called on Sky News to "stop all these nonsense and deal with technical problems" to deliver fishing licenses.

Another post-Brexit voltage subject persists for Northern Ireland. London requires the renegotiation of customs actions specific to the British province, but the negotiations, which resume this week in Brussels, remain deadlocked.

In the daily The Telegraph , the Vice-President of the European Commission, Maros Sefcovic said he was "more and more worried that the British government is committed to the path of confrontation."

intended to protect the European market and prevent the restoration of a physical border on Ireland island that could weaken peace, the North Irish protocol keeps North Ireland in the customs union and the European single market.

But it is denounced by London and North Irish Unionists, attached to the maintenance of Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom. They accuse him of disrupting the exchanges between the province and Great Britain, separated by the sea. The British Secretary of State for Brexit, David Frost, said the European Union had been "regardless of towards the enormous political, economic and identity sensitivities "in Northern Ireland .

Post-Brexit Fishing: Licenses conflict granted to Europeans by the United Kingdom .
© AP - Jeremias Gonzalez A French fisherman who has no license to fish in British waters, works in the port of Granville, In Normandy (picture illustration). In the fishing record, meetings are linked but the nets still seem marked. It remains a conflict on fishing licenses granted to Europeans by the United Kingdom. The French Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clément Beaune, spoke on Tuesday morning with the British minister in charge of Brexit, David Frost.

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