US News: dispute over fishing licenses in the English Channel Escalated

France will prohibit British fishing boats from landing from November 2nd

 France will prohibit British fishing boats from landing from November 2nd © Sameer Al-Doumy / Archives AFP A French fishing boat near Jersey, May 6th. France announces that it will ban British fishing boats to land from Tuesday, November 2nd. A retaliation measure to fold the United Kingdom, refractory to the attribution of fisheries licenses to certain French boats.

Shortly before the expiration of an ultimatum, the fronts are hardened in the follow-up of Brexit. London Polter, Paris threatens, and a bus is lit in Northern Ireland.

Zwischen Emmanuel Macron und Boris Johnson, hier beim G20-Gipfel am Wochenende in Rom, steht der Brexit-Streit © Guglielmo Mangiapane / Reuters between Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson, here at the G20 summit on the weekend in Rome, the Brexit Streit

stands a few hours before the expiration of an ultimatum has the British government in fisheries dispute with France once again Sound tightened. Foreign Minister Liz Truss told the Sky News station: "This problem must be solved within the next 48 hours." She called the French threats unfairly and announced legal action as countermeasures .

Brexit. The Captain of the British trawler confused in Le Havre will be judged in August 2022

 Brexit. The Captain of the British trawler confused in Le Havre will be judged in August 2022 © Sarah Meyssonnier / Reuters a patrol of the French gendarmerie, on October 28, 2021, next to the "Cornelis Gert Jan", a ship arrested Wednesday, October 27 for fishing in the French waters without a license. The United Kingdom on the issue of post-Brexit fishing licenses, the prosecutor's office announced Friday, October 29 that the Chalier captain by Le Havre Wednesday for fishing without a license would be judged on 11 August 2022.

"Listen to threatening British fishing boats. Listen to threatening the canal ports," Truss said. "Accepted that we are entitled to award fishing licenses in accordance with the trading contract." A spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson said TRUSS has not set a new British period, but relating to the French.

dispute over British licenses for French fishermen

France wants to control some ports for British boats Lock and Fischer from the United Kingdom Sharpers, if no agreement is reached until November 2nd. Paris demands that London allows more French fishermen to catch the catch in British waters.

Im Mai blockierten französische Fischer den Hafen von Jersey © Oliver Pinel / AP / Picture Alliance In May Blocked French Fishermen The Harbor of Jersey

The French Government Weatheres a political maneuver in London's behavior. According to British information, it's about a few dozen boats that have not received a license due to missing evidence. Since the EU resignation of Great Britain, the two neighbors must communicate to mutual rights in the English Channel, which separates both countries.

Post-Brexit Fishing: London prepares for unpublished remedy against Paris

 Post-Brexit Fishing: London prepares for unpublished remedy against Paris © Sameer Al-Doumy / AFP A few days after the retaliation threats made by Paris against London about post-Brexit fishing licenses , the tensions between the two countries do not come down. Prime Minister Boris Johnson complained this Saturday from the Chive de the European Executive Ursula von der Leyen "completely unjustified" threats. The United Kingdom is preparing "actively" unpublished remedy.

of the dispute has been swelling for months and found his preliminary highlight in May, when French fishermen sent the port of the Channel Island of Jersey-Blocked and Great Britain a warship to help. The French sanctions have been in the room for weeks. In addition, France threatened to check the prices for electricity supplies on the British Channel Islands located in front of the coast.

The situation had sparked himself in the past week when France was a French boat in Le Havre. Both sides ordered the ambassadors of the other country, London threatened with retaliation. Also on the World Climate Sipple COP26 in Glasgow, France's President Emmanuel Macron and Cop hosts Johnson showed. Macron said the ball lies in the field of the British.

also frustration in Northern Ireland

The British tone on this overall context of Brexit but rather smaller argument is absorbed in Brussels. The EU, Maros Sefcovic Brexit commissioned, threw London to follow a "path of confrontation". The topic that the atmosphere between London and Brussels is currently the most burdened most is the Northern Ireland Protocol: The Agreement ensures smooth border traffic on the Irish island by holding Northern Ireland de facto in the EU internal market. But London threatened to leave the self-negotiated contract and no longer accept the European Court of Justice as a conciliation office for the Nordiric commercial concern. The EU has made a proposal for significantly fewer controls in October , but insists on the competence of the European Court of Justice for the entire internal market.

Fishing: status quo or desclass? Frying on the line between London and Paris at the end of Johnson-Macron

 Fishing: status quo or desclass? Frying on the line between London and Paris at the end of Johnson-Macron © Copyright 2021, Obs status quo or de-escalation? The British Government posted its firmness against France in the post-Brexit fishing conflict and challenged the French report after an interview between Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron, claiming that his position "N 'has not changed ".

in Northern Ireland passed with the monthly change a self-set ultimatum of the governing party DUP: The London-faithless unionists are generally dissatisfied with the protocol and had announced their exit from the Belfast regional government, it should not be substantially changed by November.

Dieses Wrack in Newtownards war mal ein Bus - bis er in Brand gesetzt wurde © David Young / Empics / Picture Alliance This wreck in Newtownards was a bus - until he was set on fire

suspected militant radical unionists stormed on Monday a double-decker bus in Newtownards at Belfast and put him on fire. The driver could safely bring himself, passengers were not on board. Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon said the BBC, the attackers had "bumped something about the protocol" when they threatened the driver with a weapon. In the spring, it had ever given concern about the security situation in the former Civil War Region. At that time, mostly young alleged unionists had supplied Krawalle with emergency workers and followers of the Ireland-loyal population group and also set a bus on fire.


Post-Brexit Fishing: Licenses conflict granted to Europeans by the United Kingdom .
© AP - Jeremias Gonzalez A French fisherman who has no license to fish in British waters, works in the port of Granville, In Normandy (picture illustration). In the fishing record, meetings are linked but the nets still seem marked. It remains a conflict on fishing licenses granted to Europeans by the United Kingdom. The French Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clément Beaune, spoke on Tuesday morning with the British minister in charge of Brexit, David Frost.

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