US News: two investment plans, an election: decisive week for the presidency biden

for the first time, the administration biden judges "unacceptable" the extension of Israeli colonies

 for the first time, the administration biden judges © Copyright 2021, the obs the United States of Joe Biden have for the first time clearly shrugging against Israel on Colonization , in criticizing "firmly" the construction of the construction of more than 1,000 new housing in the occupied West Bank. "We are deeply concerned by the Israeli government project," said US diplomacy called Ned Price before the press on Tuesday, October 26.

Le président américain Joe Biden au sommet du G20 à Rome, le 31 octobre 2021 © brandan shamixowski The US President Joe Biden at the G20 summit in Rome, October 31, 2021

Joe Biden is at COP26 in Glasgow, but all Part of his presidency is played this week in the United States, between a crucial election in Virginia that prefigures next political battles and the possibility of a vote on his titanic investment plans.

Le Congrès américain, à Washington, le 28 octobre 2021 © Mandel Ngan The American Congress, in Washington, October 28, 2021

The US President wanted to arrive at the International Climate Summit with two programs, thanks to which he intends to rebuild and transform America.

A plan first to renovate roads, bridges and dilapidated transport. The $ 1.200 billion envelope - the equivalent of Spain's GDP - is supported by Democrats and some Republicans.

Lead 1-USA-Biden announces a "historic" agreement on its budget projects

 Lead 1-USA-Biden announces a USA-Biden / Infrastructure-Agreement (Lead 1, Photo): Lead 1-USA-Biden announces a "historic" agreement on its budget projects (Updated all along with details, photo production available) by Trevor Hunnicutt and Richard Cowan Washington, October 28 (Reuters) - US President Joe Biden announced Thursday to have an agreement on a new investment framework of 1.750 billions of dollars in the US economy and in the fight against climate change, saying confident in supporting all the components of the

But the future of this initiative has been linked to a gigantic social and climate component, called "Build Back Better" ("Rebuilding and Better") around which the topifications continue. The invoice of this program has been halved to rally the most moderate democrats, including a senator from a mining state.

Combo photo de Glenn Youngkin (G) et Terry McAuliffe (D), tous deux candidats pour le poste de gouverneur de Virginie © Anna MoneyMaker Combo Photo of Glenn Youngkin (G) and Terry McAuliffe (D), both candidates for the governor of Virginie

This project includes $ 555 billion to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, What the White House described as "the biggest investment never done to deal with the climate crisis".

Joe Biden hoped to be able to introduce himself to the Glasgow platform with this check in hand, as a guarantee of the "return of America" ​​on the international scene after four years of Trump Presidency, who had provoked the stupor by leaving the agreements of Paris on the climate.

After the submarine crisis, Macron receives biden in Rome in G20

 After the submarine crisis, Macron receives biden in Rome in G20 curtain lift © AFP - Brendan Smixowski US President Joe Biden (left) and the first American lady Jill Biden disembark Air Force One Upon arrival at Rome Fiumicino International Airport, early October 29, 2021, Rome, Italy. Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden will meet at the end of the afternoon on October 29 in Rome before the opening of the G20 for which the two leaders go to the Italian capital.

But the negotiations, bitter and tedious, still stumbles to the US Congress on details, and the plan will not be submitted to the vote before Tuesday, at the earliest.

These intense negotiations that do not passionate the general public, also deprive the Camp Biden of a major political victory, in time for a crucial election in Virginia Tuesday.

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- General Rehearsal -

Voters of this state, near the capital Washington, are called to the polls to appoint their new governor , a vote that is a general rehearsal about a year before the mid-term legislative elections in the United States.

The election opposes Terry McAuliffe, 64 years old, a political road supported by the Democratic President, the Pro-Trump Glenn Youngkin Republican, less than a few years old.

Sign of the importance of the vote, Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, and even Joe Biden in person have been relayed in recent days in the state to the 8.5 million inhabitants.

Climate: Joe Biden goes to the Cop26 Hands Almost Empty

 Climate: Joe Biden goes to the Cop26 Hands Almost Empty © Alberto Pizzoli Joe Biden (D) and the first Lady Jill Biden in Rome on October 29, 2021 The ambitious plan of Joe Biden for families and From the environment remained blocked Friday at Congress, depriving the US President of the success he hoped before the beginning of COP26. The vast plan, baptized "Build Back Better", is a campaign promise that plans to turn into a decade into the education, health and fight against climate change into a decade.

four of its last five governors were Democrats and Joe Biden won the state against Donald Trump during the presidential election of 2020.

but in recent weeks, the advance of the candidate supported by the President has largely melted against his rival, and the contenders are now elbow-to-elbow.

Anxious to mobilize the democratic electorate, Terry McAuliffe has drawn a dark painting on a potential victory of his rival.

"If Youngkin wins, Trumpism will gain ground and we can expect Youngkin to arise in all the election races of the country next year, when America is called to vote in elections. Mid-mandate, he alerted.

The Republican candidate capitalizes on the popularity of former President Donald Trump who retains a huge influence on this party and his constituents, almost one year day for the day after the election of 2020.

but they are also differences with The Republican billionaire that could allow it to win.

"Although he was supported by Trump and made very positive statements about him, Youngkin - at least in the stylistic plane, if not political - does not seem to be a Trump clone," says AFP Mark Bayer, who worked at Congress for more than 20 years.

"The side + daddy Poule + of Youngkin speaks to undecided voters," he insists, "despite the fact that his conservative ideology is deeply republican".

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"Let's Go Brandon": what does the new favorite slogan of the anti-Biden? .
slogan, went viral in days, looks like a simple encouragement. This is actually an insult to the American president Joe Biden. © TAMA A protester holds up a sign lambda Scene USA. A race car driver, Brandon Brown, aged 28, who won a competition on a Nascar circuit in Alabama, questioned October 2 by a reporter from NBC. Raising his voice to the clamor amount forums, postpone launches: "And you can hear the chants of the crowd: Go Brandon!".

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