US News: SNCF. 1,200 passengers spend part of the night on the train, between Paris and Clermont-Ferrand

migrants in Briançon. Fifty people still waiting

 migrants in Briançon. Fifty people still waiting © Jean-Philippe Ksiazek / Archives AFP The refuge "Les Terrasses Solidaires" decided to stop the reception for lack of space. Here a picture taken in September 2020. fifty refugee migrants in a church near Briançon are still waiting to be able to leave the city as a result of the closure of a refuge.

L’incident concernait trois trains Intercités, qui circulaient entre Paris et Clermont-Ferrand, dans la nuit du lundi 1er au mardi 2 novembre. © Archives / West-France The incident concerned three intercity trains, which circulated between Paris and Clermont-Ferrand, at night From Monday 1st to Tuesday, November 2nd.

Nearly 1,200 users, who traveled aboard three distinct inters, had to rally Paris-Bercy station from Clermont-Ferrand. They finally arrived at Lyon Station Tuesday, November 2, late at night, with four to six hours late, announces the SNCF.

Hundreds of travelers lived an end of complex extended weekend, announced late Monday night, the mountain . As this user on Twitter indicates, many users have spent part of the last night blocked on the rails near Fontainebleau (Seine-et-Marne).

DB Regio Chef: Mask Duty to Easter

 DB Regio Chef: Mask Duty to Easter Buses and Railways are full. Thus, in the face of rising corona fall figures, the trust of passengers in public transport (public transport) persists, the boss of the railway subsidiary DB Regio, Jörg Sandvoss, has demanded a continuation of the mask obligation at least until Easter. © Sebastian Gollnow / dpa Even if the pandemic location expires, the mask obligation should remain in public transport. DB-Regio boss Jörg Sandvoß pleads - and the Federal Ministry of Transport.

stuck with 850 people towards Fontainebleau in a train for Paris de Clermont-Ferrand, we do not know how many hours, more electricity, more heating, more toilets and soon more water ... @ Groupsncf @Intercites , someone to save us ??

- Aude GM (@scissianne) November 1, 2021

The incident concerned three intercity trains, which circulated between Paris and Clermont-Ferrand , confirms FranceInfo on Tuesday 2 November in the morning.

All had to rally Paris-Bercy train station, but they finally finished their trip to Lyon train station around 4 pm, writes RTL on his site. Travelers arrived in the capital with " four to six hours late" , announces the SNCF .

Strung wildeves and an electrical failure

The reason for this back-time? Structures were first hit on the road by train 5982 between Briare and Gien (Loiret), then an electrical breakdown was found near Fontainebleau, indicates the SNCF in a press release . Transhipment operations have been made.

Attack on a train to Tokyo: 17 wounded, a suspect stopped

 Attack on a train to Tokyo: 17 wounded, a suspect stopped © Jiji Press / AFP U N man was stopped after attacking Sunday passengers on a train to Tokyo with a knife and triggered a fire on board , announced local media reporting 17 wounded, including one serious. A video filmed on board and published on Twitter showed current panicked passengers on the train, fleeing flames and smoke invading wagons.

Travelers in the first two trains will be reimbursed up to 200%, and those of the third will be 100%, indicated the SNCF in FranceInfo. Compensation requests are made on the site, up to 60 days after the arrival of the train.

On Tuesday morning around 8 pm, the traffic was "strongly slowed down on the entire R transilat line", added the railway company to our colleagues, ensuring that the power failure had been repaired. On Twitter, the official account of line R indicated at 9:00 am that the circulation "flows gradually. Info Traffic


Traffic is gradually fluidizing on your line.

I remain at your disposal.

- line r (@ligner_sncf) november 2, 2021

No disturbance on the Paris-Clermont line has however been reported.

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