US News: US companies Less satisfied with Germany

Marseille: Three years in prison for extorting real estate developers

 Marseille: Three years in prison for extorting real estate developers A manager of companies multiplied the appeals against building permits, and returned them after transaction © Abonnenc / SIPA Illustration of a building permit. Real Estate - a manager of companies multiplied the appeal against building permits, and returned them after transaction a manager of companies Marseillais was sentenced, on Tuesday, three years of Prison Farm for extortions and attempts to Extortion of real estate developers, between 2010 and 2015.

You are important employers in Germany and even with large acquisitions, US companies are active. The Germany location will rate less than 2020. Therefore, they demand reforms from the future government.

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US companies are not so satisfied with Germany as in the previous year. This has revealed the current survey of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany (Amcham Germany) among the 50 highest-selling US companies in this country . Although the location Germany is positive, but only with a 2.4 rated. 2020 it was still a 1.9.

positive you have seen various measures in the corona crisis. Thus, the short-time-time allowance , the rescue screen for self-employed and medium-sized companies, Extracte for families and helps for artists strengthened the site. However, on the other side , there have been too little state investment , the US companies and the German administration hints in the digitization afterwards.

Stricter rules: Brussels granted banks transitional period

 Stricter rules: Brussels granted banks transitional period The grace period for Europe's banks stricter in implementing capital rules comes to an end: The internationally launched on the way to the financial crisis specifications are now being implemented in the European Union into action. © Boris Roessler / dpa The bank skyline of Frankfurt / Main. However, the EU Commission intends to grant the money houses long transition periods.

Accordingly, the US companies operating in this country demand reforms from the new federal government. It is important to now ask the course for US companies continue to invest in the business location Germany, says Simone Menne, President of Amcham Germany. "The coming Federal Government must develop new ideas that promote Germany's innovation and competitiveness sustainably and in the long term. The focus should be on climate change, digital transformation and managing the economic and social consequences of the Corona pandemic," so Menne.

winners and losers of the top 50 US companies in Germany

In the 2020 financial year, the pandemic has left traces even among the largest US companies in Germany. The total turnover of the TOP 50 was 1.4 percent to 189 billion euros. Although some industries such as trade, software, logistics and pharma have grown significantly, others had to be feder.

The number of job seekers without activity returns below its pre-crisis level

 The number of job seekers without activity returns below its pre-crisis level © Stéphane de Sakutin The number of registrants at Pôle emploi in category has failed just below her level of preliminary crisis , with 5,000 jobseekers less in relation to the fourth quarter of 2019. We have in memory an advertisement, broadcast at the dawn of this century, in which Zizou launched, the air a little embarrassed but satisfied: " Yes, it's the recovery ... " Well yes, obviously, it's the recovery.

Amazon Deutschland führt die Rangliste der umsatzstärksten US-Unternehmen in Deutschland © Ronny Hartmann / Getty Images / AFP Amazon Germany Does the ranking of the highest sales US companies in Germany

Among the highest sales companies include Amazon Germany with 25.9 billion euros revenue, followed by carmaker Ford with 15.7 billion euros in sales. Microsoft also benefited from the Corona digitizing thrust and realized 6.76 billion euros in sales. Companies in the pharmaceutical sector that produce laboratory equipment could also grow (Thermo Fisher and Abbott). On the other hand, US companies have suffered from the mobility sector among the global consequences of the pandemic and disturbed supply chains. The sales in the last few months fell.

Overall, the 50 largest US companies work in Germany have set more employees in the Corona year 2020. Their number grew by 2300 to around 276,500. The foreign direct investment of American companies in Germany are also rising sharply despite Corona Pandemic. For US companies, Germany is an exciting market, which also showed several major acquisitions, said Amcham Vice President Frank Riedermsperger.

companies want 3G rules for office and production

 companies want 3G rules for office and production In view of rising corona infection numbers, according to a report by the "Trading Blatt" first company in Germany, the policy has to introduce a statutory 3G rule even for offices and production halls. © Sebastian Gollnow / dpa Some companies require a statutory 3G rule for offices and production halls. Thus, only vaccinated, genestra or negatively tested access could have been operated.

Recovery in sight

Especially companies in the fields of mechanical engineering, raw materials, energy and chemistry made higher sales in early 2021 than 2020. Also consumer goods benefit from the relaxations during the pandemic.

McDonald's ist mit 63.000 Mitarbeitern der größte Arbeitgeber unter den umsatzstärksten US-Unternehmen in Deutschland © Picture-Alliance / DPA / F. Gabbert McDonald's is with 63,000 employees of the largest employer among the highest sales US companies in Germany

"However, whether the development is so sustainable, as it seems in the service and commercial sector, remains to be seen," says Riedermsperger. "The pandemic made it clear that for permanent competitiveness no way leads to the digital transformation. The integrated digitization of product and service, production and sales is a mum task - this must now face the companies on both sides of the Atlantic."

Main Transatlantic Tasks

The top 50 US companies see climate and environmental protection and the abolition of customs duties as the most important transatlantic topics. Good half of the companies surveyed rate the handling of US government with climate and environmental protection "shortly before a solution". For this purpose, the confession of the new US administration contributed to the Parisian Climate Agreement. The newly founded transatlantic forums, such as the US German Climate and Energy Partnership and the EU-US Trade & Technology Council , join the right way to share climate protection and transatlantic trading together.

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Covid-19: Germany reports more than 50 000 cases ... in 24 hours .
© Filip Singer / EPA Germany, Covid-19, Epidemic wave, case, death, rising, explosion a Utomne nightmarish in Germany , where the fifth wave of Covid-19 strikes the country full. According to the Robert-Koch sanitary watch institute, 50,196 new COVID-19 cases were identified in the day of Wednesday, November 10. A considerable figure, witnessing the power of this new wave than vaccination struggles to stem.

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