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US News: Bulgaria sends soldiers to the EU external border on Turkey

Turkey: The book plunges again after the request from Erdogan to expel ten ambassadors

 Turkey: The book plunges again after the request from Erdogan to expel ten ambassadors © Pixabay Turkey: the book plunges again after the request of Erdogan to expel ten ambassadors new dive Turkish pound after The expulsion threats of Western diplomats. The Turkish book reached a lower historic Monday, October 25 at the opening of the courses, after the threats of the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Expulsion Ten Western diplomats mobilized in favor of opposing Osman Kavala. The national currency exchanged up to more than 9.80 pounds for a dollar before stabilizing around $ 9.73

Sofia. On the arrival of refugees, Bulgaria reacts with upgrading: Army vehicles and soldiers should patrol with the police at the border with Turkey. A barbed wire fence is already there.

 Im Februar 2020 brachte Bulgarien am Grenzübergang Kapitan Andreevo einen Wasserwerfer in Stellung. (Archivfoto) © Hristo Ruseev In February 2020, Bulgaria launched a waterworker at the Capitan Andreevo border crossing. (ArchiveFoto)

Bulgaria uses 350 soldiers and 40 arm vehicles on his southern border with Turkey to respond to the arrival of refugees. As the country's Ministry of Defense announced on Tuesday, they should support the police to patrol along the 259-kilometer border.

Poland wants to build border fixation without EU help

 Poland wants to build border fixation without EU help Warsaw. Poland says it's serious with a possible attachment to the border with Belarus. The country wants to build the investments, if necessary without financial assistance of the Union. One is not dependent on the EU, said head of government Mateusz Morawiecki on Thursday. © Czarek Sokolowski Polish soldiers and refugees on the border with Belarus. Poland wants to build a permanent attachment to the border with Belarus without EU funds.

In addition, the units should help the information in the repair of a partially damaged barbed wire fence, which was built five years ago, to predominantly derive from Syria to border crossings from Turkey to the European Union prevent.

According to data from the Ministry of Interior, Bulgaria has been arrested three times three times as many migrants for illegal border crossings as in the same period of the previous year.

The Balkanland with about seven million inhabitants is located on an important migration route for refugees and migrants from the Middle East and Afghanistan to Europe. Only a small number of incoming wants to stay in Bulgaria, for most it is a transit land on the way west.

Other European countries do not see draconian measures contrary to the values ​​of Europe. From Greece and Croatia, for example, there are reports and videos about illegal and partly brutal rejections protection seekers at the external borders of Croatia and Greece. Poland, Lithuania and Latvia have started the construction of hundreds of kilometers border fence. Several people died in the border area between Poland and Belarus. Aid organizations intensifies the EU countries to reject migrants illegally to Belarus - without the possibility of putting an asylum application or to make the lawfulness in court.

Syrians, Iraqis and Yemenites are now forbidden to Belarus from Turkey .
The Alexander Loukachenko regime is accused of sending migrants to its border with Poland, delivering tourist visas to thousands of candidates. emigration to the EU. © Provided by FranceInfo Nationals of Iraq, Syria and Yemen now have the prohibition "buy tickets and to embark for Belarus from the airports of Turkey," announced the General Management of the Turkish aviation, Friday, November 12th.

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