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US News: The Supreme Court of the United States examines a major file on firearms

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  La Cour suprême des Etats-Unis examine un dossier majeur sur les armes à feu © AFP / ARCHIVE

L A Supreme Court of the United States , deeply reworked by Donald Trump , examines Wednesday an appeal against a New York Act and its decision could allow all Americans to take out armed with their homes.

The hearing, the largest firearms devoted for more than ten years, raises strong apprehensions among supporters of enhanced regulations that are wary of the conservative majority of the High Court with six judges on new.

"The stakes are very high" and the "very bad potential consequences", launched Angela Ferrell-Zabala, Vice-President of the Everrytown for Gun Safety and Moms Application, at a small group of protesters gathered before the court before hearing.

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The decision of the nine wise "could complicate the action of cities and states to fight the crisis" of firearms violence, she added, with reference to nearly 20,000 people killed by bullets in the states -Unis in 2020 (excluding suicides) up 25% over one year.

The defenders of the wearing port, on the contrary, see the evidence that the Americans need to be more on to defend themselves and rejoice to see the subject before a supreme court apparently sensitive to their cause.

The Temple of Law, where the former Republican President brought three judges, today a "solid majority (..) of magistrates who think that the Constitution must be interpreted as it was understood during his writing", Recently highlighted the powerful National Arms Lobby Rifle Association (NRA).

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NRA militates for a literal reading of the second amendment of the Constitution. Ratified in 1791, it states that "a well organized militia being necessary for the safety of a free state, the right of the people to hold and carry weapons will not be transgression.".

In 1939, the Supreme Court had ruled that it protected the right to use weapons as part of a law maintenance force, such as the army or police, but was not an individual right. to self-defense. It has changed position during a historical stop in 2008 and established for the first time a right to own a weapon at home to defend themselves.

, however, left cities and states to regulate transport outside the home, so the rules are very variable from one place to another.


After refusing for ten years to return to the subject, despite many solicitations, the High Court finally accepted a remedy filed by a subsidiary of the NRA and two firearms owners contesting a law of New York State.

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This law has been limiting since 1913 the issuance of weapon weapon licenses concealed to people with reason to believe that they may have to defend themselves, for example because of their business or threats.

If the Supreme Court invalidates this law, this could immediately bring down the similar rules in seven other states, including some very populated like California or New Jersey, "says Joseph


, Professor of Law at Duke University .

"80 million Americans live in these states, so the concrete impact will be huge," he considers.

Beyond, the file could "be a turning point on how the courts examine the records related to the second amendment," said Eric Ruben Professor associated with the Faculty of Law SMU in Texas.

Over the last ten years, the courts have generally considered that the restrictions adopted by states or cities could be justified by security concerns.

supporters of the weapon port ask the Court to take advantage of the New York file "to reject this approach and focus only on text, history and traditions", which is "troubling because violence by weapon On fire was not a problem in the 18th century, "says Ruben.

If the Court gave them right, it would open the door to a series of new complaints against all existing regulations, "he says.

The Supreme Court must make its decision before the end of June 2022.

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