US News: "Scary numbers": Route names the largest German problem in the Pandemic

German bank increases quarterly profit

 German bank increases quarterly profit The German bank holds despite higher costs for the Group's restructuring towards more billion profit in the current year. © Arne Dedert / dpa clouds gather over the headquarters of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt. Germany's largest money house made some previously, as the bank said more than a year on Wednesday in the third quarter. The institute has made five consecutive quarters of bottom line profit.

The Corona situation has always worsened in Germany in Germany. In Bavaria, the first intensive care stations have already arrived at the load limit, in some counties in Thuringia , the incidence is already at more than 600. An explanation for the situation: Many people are not vaccinated, there is a great impression.

Berliner Virologe und häufig politischer Berater: Christian Drosten © DPA Berliner virologist and frequently political consultant: Christian Drosten

on this situation makes the virologist Christian reading attentive. While everyday life are "further scary figures" in Germany, there are in Spain, where the vaccination rate is more than 80 percent, "hope for herd immunity". He appeals: "We have to close the impressions with the highest priority," says Twitter.

in Athens, Angela Merkel comes farewell to his best enemy

 in Athens, Angela Merkel comes farewell to his best enemy © Dimitris Papamitsos / Greek Prime Minister Office / Handut / Maxppp / EPA / Maxppp Angela Merkel, Greece, Athens, Crisis, Austerity V EnerDi 29 October, Angela Merkel moves for the last time in Greece at least as official. The opportunity for the German Chancellor to balance its accounts with a country in which it is very little appreciated. According to the German tabloid Bild, "Mutti" would even be "one of the most hated women in Greece".

in Spain, not all measures were repealed on the one hand, on the other hand, the temperature would have helped the numbers lower. "In winter, there will not be so easy there," warns.

Corona vaccinations in Spain vs. Germany

in Spain are already 81.4 percent of the population vaccinated. In contrast, in Germany, not even 70 percent of people have complete vaccination protection. Currently, the vaccination rate in this country is 69.4 percent.

only slightly higher is the vaccination rate in the United Kingdom: There, 73.7 percent of people have vaccinated against the coronavirus so far. But although the vaccination quotas are similar, the situation in the United Kingdom is a completely different, analyzed.

Despite similar vaccination quota: Germany can not breathe

Although the vaccination rate in Germany is only slightly under the United Kingdom, there is a decisive difference: Great Britain has "much more genisen (and deceased)," writes to Twitter. For this reason, the virologist assumes that the Corona situation in the United Kingdom is likely to relax soon - a reassurance of the situation "is now slowly range."

What does this mean for Germany? "Reaching this would probably cost us a similar number of deceased costs," says drugs and emphasizes that the only alternative is close to the impressions. This is very important to "especially with the older".

16.2 million people over twelve years are not vaccinated in Germany yet RKI Chef Lothar Wieler said on Wednesday.

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) declared that the expiration of the epidemic situation was misunderstood by many as a fact that the pandemic is over. "That's not like that," underlined Spahn. Although you leave a legal emergency state, but the pandemic is there - and the fourth wave with full force.

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