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US News: judicial local appointment mapping fishing dispute

London will convene the French ambassador after the tensions around fishing licenses

 London will convene the French ambassador after the tensions around fishing licenses © Copyright 2021, the Obs London will convene the ambassador of France after the threats of retaliation formulated by Paris about fishing licenses Post-Brexit , which she criticizes the United Kingdom to grant too small number, announced the British government this Thursday, October 28.

in the harbor of Le Havre gave a court of green light for leaving a British fish cutter set for a week. Now in France's capital follows the work of politicians.

Das britisches Fischerboot © Stephane Mahe / Reuters The British fishing boat

The British fish cutter set as part of the fishing line with France, according to a court ruling, may expire immediately. A French court also decided that the captain does not have to pay triggering for the release of the cutter, as a lawyer of the ship's leader communicated.

court proceedings against captain in August

The owner of the cutter had threatened the payment of a deposit of up to 150,000 euros. In the fishery dispute between London and Paris, there had been a court hearing in the harbor of the French coastal town of Le Havre, where the cutter was held. However, the captain must respond to court in August 2022 for unauthorized fishing in French waters. He threatens a fine of up to 75,000 euros.

Brexit / Fishing: London Announces JOHNSON-MACRON MEETING IN G20

 Brexit / Fishing: London Announces JOHNSON-MACRON MEETING IN G20 GB-EU-France-Peche: Brexit / Fishing: London Announces Johnson-Macron meeting on the G20 margin © Reuters / Pool Brexit / Fishing : London announces a Johnson-Macron meeting on the margin of the G20 London (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to chat with the French President Emmanuel Macron on the sidelines of the G20 summit this weekend in Rome, announced Friday his Spokesperson, while the tensions between Paris and London around the fishing areas in the sleeve after Brexit

The dispute is concerned about fishing rights after the exit of Great Britain from the European Union. France accuses the government in London that French fishermen did not receive the guaranteed licenses in order to be able to eject their networks in British waters. Last Wednesday France had set the British cutter "Cornelis Gert Jan" and warned a second boat because both ships should have been on the road without a license in French waters.

Europa-Staatssekretär Clément Beaune vertritt im Fischereistreit die französische Seite © Ludovic Marin / AFP / Getty Images European Secretary of State Clément Beaune represents the French side

in the conflict , Paris had even threatened to block some ports for British fishermen as well as controlling British boats and trucks. London criticized this as "disproportionate and inappropriate" and announced countermeasures .

Post-Brexit Fishing: London prepares for unpublished remedy against Paris

 Post-Brexit Fishing: London prepares for unpublished remedy against Paris © Sameer Al-Doumy / AFP A few days after the retaliation threats made by Paris against London about post-Brexit fishing licenses , the tensions between the two countries do not come down. Prime Minister Boris Johnson complained this Saturday from the Chive de the European Executive Ursula von der Leyen "completely unjustified" threats. The United Kingdom is preparing "actively" unpublished remedy.

Meeting in Paris and with EU Commission

After there had been an approximation at the edge of the G20 summit in Rome at the edge of the G20 summit, France's President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday, but his country will initially not implement the threatened trading sanctions to the Submenors give more time for new solution proposals.

Der britische Brexit-Minister David Frost kommt am Donnertag nach Paris © Peter Byrne / AP Photo / Picture Alliance The British Brexit Minister David Frost comes on Thursday to Paris

of the British Brexit Minister David Frost and France's European Secretary of Europe Clément Beaune come together on Thursday in Paris. On Friday, there will be another meeting with the EU Commission.


Post-Brexit Fishing: Licenses conflict granted to Europeans by the United Kingdom .
© AP - Jeremias Gonzalez A French fisherman who has no license to fish in British waters, works in the port of Granville, In Normandy (picture illustration). In the fishing record, meetings are linked but the nets still seem marked. It remains a conflict on fishing licenses granted to Europeans by the United Kingdom. The French Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clément Beaune, spoke on Tuesday morning with the British minister in charge of Brexit, David Frost.

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