US News: COVID-19. Tour of Europe of the last measures to cope with the recovery of the epidemic

Coronavirus in Russia: An umpteenth new record record and contamination recorded in 24h

 Coronavirus in Russia: An umpteenth new record record and contamination recorded in 24h Despite this, the authorities still do not declare restrictions at the national level at the approach of holidays © Gavriliil Grigorov / TASS / SIPA USA / SIPA If the streets of the Moscow center seemed more calm Thursday morning, the main roads, however, remained congested and the crowded metro after the announcement of the closure of non-essential shops due to the wave of coronavirus.

Un soignant ukrainien en combinaison de protection, dans un hôpital de Kiev, le 4 novembre 2021. © Sergei Supinsky / AF A Ukrainian caregiver in combination of protection, in a hospital of Kiev, November 4, 2021.

Europe faces to a soaring contamination, become the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic. What are the latest braking measures put in place?

The Europe is again the epicenter of the pandemic of Covid-19 . The World Health Organization has alarmed, Thursday, November 4, of the "very worrying" pace of transmission of the virus that could lead to half a million additional deaths on the continent this winter.

For WHO, the increase in cases is explained by the combination of an insufficient vaccine coverage and the relaxation of braking measurements. A situation that pushes many European countries to restore restrictions to curb the resumption of the epidemic.

COVID-19: "The epidemic recovery is confirmed," Public Health Alert France

 COVID-19: © Copyright 2021, Obs "The epidemic recovery is confirmed" in France and begins to feel in the hospital, pointed out this Friday October 29 The France Health Agency France in its weekly point on COVID-19. During the week of October 18, "the resumption of viral traffic confirmed in metropolis," says the sanitary agency. And besides this increase in infections, "admissions to hospital and critical care are again rising," says Public Health France.

France: The use of the possible sanitary pass until the next summer

in France, the

sanitary pass may be required until next summer. The Parliament gave its green light Friday, November 5, so that the Government could use it until July 31, 2022, under the bill called "sanitary vigilance" .

The rise in the incidence rate also results in the return of the

port of the mask into the schools of 39 departments .

Germany: Towards the generalization of the 3rd dose of Vaccine

The German Government and the regions have pleaded for

a generalization of the third dose of Vaccine to deal with the intense resumption of the pandemic in the country. "The federal government and the governments of the regions agrees that anyone who has received his second (dose of) vaccination six months or more can benefit from a reminder" with a third dose, indicated the Minister of Health Jens Spahn.

Covid-19: The Cape of 5 Millions in the World Franchi

 Covid-19: The Cape of 5 Millions in the World Franchi © AFP L A Pandemic of Covid-19 has caused the death of more than five million people in the world since WHO did State of the appearance of the disease at the end of December 2019 in China, according to a count of AFP Monday from official balance sheets. This assessment, which takes into account the deaths recognized by the national health authorities, represents only one share of the deaths actually related to the coronavirus.

For its part,

the Saxony, a region of the Eastern country , will limit the attendance of its restaurants and cultural places closed to people vaccinated or cured from November 8th. "If we lose too much time, it will end up with a confinement like last year," said Minister-President of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer, at the Micro de la Radio Deutschlandfunk.

Iceland: new restrictions and call for a third dose

to counter the record flight of CVIV-19 cases, the Icelandic government has announced

a series of measures, including the return of the mandatory port of the mask in certain locations or the 'lowering the gauge of public gatherings.

The country's epidemiologist chief also launched a call for the injection of a third dose for all persons over 16 fully vaccinated "for about six months" in a country where 89% of the population of more than 89% of the population 12 years is fully vaccinated.

Coronavirus in Germany: How was the fourth wave?

 Coronavirus in Germany: How was the fourth wave? There are 131,000 cases per week in the country of Goethe and Bayern Munich, as much as a year ago © Peter Kneffel / AP / SIPA Resuscitation services are saturated in Germany. EPIDEMY - There are 131,000 cases per week in the country of Goethe and Bayern Munich, as much as a year would be we suddenly returned one year back with the change of time? This is what the German , faced with a new epidemic wave of Covid-19 .

Austria: Vaccine or cure

of new restrictions will come into force on 8 November, in

Austria where it will be necessary to be vaccinated or covid-19 to access restaurants, hotels and cultural places. According to the new regulations, a negative test at CVIV-19 will no longer be sufficient for services or services involving close contact with clientele such as hairdressers, and only those who are vaccinated or healed will be able to attend gatherings of 25 or more people. .

Denmark: Risk of overflowing of hospitals

Danish health authorities are worried about

risk to be overflowing the Hospital system against the net rebound of CVIV-19 cases in the Kingdom, where the last restrictions have been lifted. only one month ago.

Coronavirus: Germany will strengthen its restrictions against a record rate record .
health-coronavirus-Germany: coronavirus: Germany will strengthen its restrictions against a record rate record © Reuters / Wolfgang Rattay Coronavirus: Germany will strengthen its restrictions in the face of a Record Berlin (Reuters) incidence rate - the incidence rate of the CVIV-19 epidemic in Germany has reached its highest level since the beginning of the pandemic According to the data published on Monday, and the three parties currently negotiating the formation of a government coalition p

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