US News: The 3 shocking breaking bath ends that were not implemented (fortunately)

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eight years ago, breaking bath went to an end with a spectacular final. Serial Creator Vince Gilligan had other ideas for the degree that would have been very extremely.

Die 3 schockierendsten Breaking Bad-Enden, die (zum Glück) nicht umgesetzt wurden © AMC The 3 shocking breaking bath ends that were not implemented (fortunately)

even in today's flood of constantly new series Breaking Bad is still one of the best ever. In 2013, the history ended around Walter White ( Bryan Cranston ), which became a dreaded drug boss from the cancer taught teacher, after 5 seasons with a bang.

In the Serial Final, it has been walt, Jesse ( Aaron Paul ) from the cruel captivity of Todd (Jesse Plemons), whose uncle Jack (Michael Bowen) and his neonazi gang to free. After an action showdown, Bryan Cranston's cult figure has paid life in the end, while a traumatized Jesse is brimmed into an uncertain future (or later Netflix continuation of El Camino).

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years ago, Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan has already revealed that for the final, various scenarios stood in the room, which were finally discarded. We introduce you to a collection of The Wrap the three shocking alternative breaking bath ends.

1. Discarded breaking bathroom end: Walt attacks a prison

in the original Final of Breaking Bad Walt will be short to the merciless action heroes when he perforates the house of neonazi gang and many members of them with a mechanically prepared machine gun.

looks here our facts video to breaking bath:

In an even more extreme version of this showdown, the Nazis Jesse should promote a prison that walt attacked. So he could not just have a few bad villains, but a whole prison with inSass: discalled inside. Gilligan and his team then decided that Walt should only use the M60 against those who had earned it.

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2. Discarded breaking Bad-end: Skyler commits suicide

For a tragic finals Walt and Skyler ( Anna Gunn ) fled along with the figure of Robert Forster, the people in breaking bath can give a new identity to submermer.

to read more: Breaking Bath: 3 Details showing a new disturbing page to Walter White

as both have been entrenched in a motel room, Walt Skyler wants to tell his final plan. When he talks to her in front of the bathroom door and get no reaction, he breaks through the door and finds Skyler's bloody corpse in the bath. As a result, Vince Gilligan and his team have been presenting a shocking suicide before the actual finale, which is so luckily spared us.

3. Jesse & Walt Jr. Die and Walt is becoming a torture monster

in probably disturbing alternative breaking bath end, which Vince Gilligan and his team had already considered Season 1, Jesse would be of a particularly Merciless drug dealer has been killed. Full of anger Walt had detained the villain in his cellar with a shotgun, attached to a stumbling wire.

Breaking Bad © AMC © AMC Breaking Bath © AMC In order to force the drug dealer to deduct, Walt would have grabbed brutal torture methods to break the villain. After weeks, Walt Jr. had discovered the dealer. As he finds out that he is about Walter Whites's son, he triggers the stumbling wire and kills Walt Jr. and himself. A particularly shocking end with Jesse and Walt Jr. as a victim, while Walt survived as a cruel torture monster would have.

would you prefer to see one of the alternative breaking bath ends?

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