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US News: On the beaches of Wissant, migrants and gendarmerie patrols are now part of the landscape

returned to Mali, the ex-hostage Sophie petronin sought by the country's gendarmerie

 returned to Mali, the ex-hostage Sophie petronin sought by the country's gendarmerie © Site Intelligence Group, AFP The French Ex-hostage Sophie Petronin, during a video broadcast on July 2, 2017. released in October 2020 After four years of detention in northern Mali, Sophie Péronin returned to Bamako in March to join her adoptive daughter. The Malian gendarmerie has launched a research notice of the ex-hostage. Sophie Pétronin has never hidden his will to return to Mali.

with Wissant (Pas-de-Calais), the body of a migrant was found on the beach on Thursday. In recent days, they are more and more numerous to try the crossing towards England. The police presence has been strengthened and the inhabitants must get used to it.

  Sur les plages de Wissant, les migrants et les patrouilles de gendarmerie font désormais partie du paysage © Supplied by FranceInfo

On the beach of Wissant, Saturday, November 6, children play or take Speed ​​Sail classes with their parents. But behind the postcard of this end of school holidays, the patrol of Gendarmerie that comes from the end of the street brings back to reality. "They descend on every entrance to the beach and they look with the binoculars," says Alain, one inhabitant. Thursday, The body of a migrant was found on the beach , next to a small boat and two other people in hypothermia.

Toulouse: With its gyrophare, it was happening for a gendarmerie colonel and multiplied the offenses

 Toulouse: With its gyrophare, it was happening for a gendarmerie colonel and multiplied the offenses flashed throughout France, the 60-year-old gradé fake was sentenced, Wednesday, to the prison with reprise © Louise Borrow - SIPA A removable gyrophare. Drawing. usurper - flashed throughout France, the 60-year-old fake, Wednesday, to the prison with suspense a sighted sun visor gendarmerie , false cards and a gyrophare: the complete panoplie has long deceived the police.

In recent days, attempts to crossing the handle by migrants on boats and rescue operations multiply at sea, off North and Pas-de-Calais. 400 people have been rescued the day before, as a result of several shipwrecks. Alain, like the other inhabitants, has already seen the violence of this migratory crisis closely. She invites himself into her daily walks.

"We have already seen boats with screwed floats ... it's not very big, a boat from four to six people. After I do not know how much they were on it."

Alain, a wiper

inhabitant in Franceinfo

a few meters, a bike rental has had a similar experience a few days earlier. "I was washing bicycles, like every morning, and saw some fifty migrants carrying a boat and then getting in the water. They galred for 10-15 minutes, they Have a little round in circles the time to position themselves and they managed to leave. They may have arrived in the English waters since, more news. "

NATO judges "unacceptable" how Belarus "uses" the migrants

 NATO judges © Kacper Pempel / Reuters a vehicle circulates near a fence built by Polish soldiers on the border between Poland and Belarus near the Village of Nomiki, Poland, August 26, 2021. Photo Stock Illustration. An NATO manager denounces the use of migrants by the Belarusian regime, accused of deliberately encouraging the illegal entry of foreigners in Poland in particular, in response to the penalties that the European Union imposed on Minsk for violations of human rights.

In the hotel overlooking the Bay of Wissant, we attend the ballet of those who try the crossing, often at night. "Since the first confinement, there are more and more migrants," says an employee, "they deflate the Zodiac, they put them in the dunes and then wait for the high tide, at night, to be able to go."

Patrols of gendarmerie and helicopters

A situation that pushed Nathalie talking to her children aged 5 to 12 years. Who are these people and why do she want to go to England? "We come from Lille and on the highway, they see many people walking along the road while it is forbidden, tells the mother of the family. And then they ask questions, why the police comes on the beach ... "

In his shop with sea view, for Gauthier, the police presence is completely part of the landscape. "The patrols of Gendarmerie, it's between ten and twenty times a day, with the helicos are surveillance," he explains.

"There is a flattering side to say that we are in a corner of France that must be one of the most supervised after the Elysee and the ministries."

Gauthier, a Wilding

trader in Franceinfo

in this municipality of just 1,000 inhabitants, everyone assures it. There are no worries with the presence of migrants. According to them, "the only problem is that France does not help them".

Belarus: Bazzad organizes a first repatriation of Iraqi migrants Thursday .
At the border between Poland and Belarus, migrants have been blocked for days in the cold, leading to a diplomatic crisis between the European Union and Belarus © Leonid Shcheglov / AP / SIPA Migrants are blocked at the border between Poland and Belarus. Some from Iraq will be able to "voluntarily" join Baghdad Thursday through a direct flight between Minsk and Baghdad.

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