US News: Presidential: Thomas Sotto will start withdrawing the emission "Elysee 2022"

Presidential 2022: Anne Hidalgo will not create "not a new law to reduce working time"

 Presidential 2022: Anne Hidalgo will not create for the candidate PS, this reduction in working time could be done on the basis of the volunteering of companies and trade union organizations © Romain Doucelin / SIPA Anne Hidalgo, PS candidate to the presidential election 2022.

Le journaliste Thomas Sotto, en novembre 2018 sur un plateau de France 2. © Bertrand Guay / AFP Journalist Thomas Sotto, in November 2018 on a Plateau de France 2.

The COPESENTING OF THE POLITICAL EMISSION " Elysée 2022 "should announce its withdrawal before the start of the presidential campaign in view of its relationship with a relative councilor of Jean Castex, announces Figaro Sunday.

Journalist Thomas Sotto could soon announce his departure from the political issue "Elysee 2022" , says the Figaro this Sunday, November 7, 2021. A decision a few months from the presidential election related to his relationship with his relationship with A close collaborator of Jean Castex.

pact against methane emission seals

 pact against methane emission seals The reduction of methane in the atmosphere is considered a large lever for global climate protection. With the COP26, more than 100 states joined an initiative to reduce the climate-damaging gas. © Carsten Rehder / DPA / Picture Alliance cows with measuring instruments for their methane emissions when ruminating (archive image) The initiative to reduce methane emissions had been launched by the EU and the US.

This is the Prime Minister's Director of Communication. Difficult for the presenter to continue to facilitate the main political issue of the public service under these conditions as the presidential election, explain our confreres.

Other examples before him

"What is privacy must remain private" , reacted France Télévisions with Figaro. "Thomas Sotto is an exemplary journalist. [...] He always respected on our antennas, in all our information appointments, the principles of independence and impartiality of the public service ", added the audiovisual public group. The facilitator is currently in the morning league of France 2, the telematic show which is followed daily by 760,000 people (26% PDA).

Thomas Sotto would thus take the same decision as other journalists before him:

Léa Salamé had withdrawn emissions from France Inter and France Télévisions during the European campaign in which his companion Raphaël Glucksmann participated.

Ditto for Anna Cabana, journalist on BFMTV, couple with Jean-Michel blanquer or, longer, Beatrice Schönberg, presenter of the television newspaper of France 2, companion of Jean-Louis Borloo.

Congress of Mayors of France: Why the stake is double for Emmanuel Macron .
© Geoffroy van der Hasselt / AFP on the occasion of the 103rd Congress of Mayors, Emmanuel Macron receives this Wednesday nearly 1,000 elected at the Palace of the Elysium. But at the approach of the presidential election, the stakes are twofold for the President: Cajole the mayors of France, essential in the health crisis, and start his election campaign. a few months from the presidential election , emmanuel macron is running mayors.

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