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US News: After 20 months of restrictions, the United States finally reopened their borders

Australia reopens its closed borders for nearly 600 days

 Australia reopens its closed borders for nearly 600 days © Saeed Khan a family found at Sydney airport on November 1, 2021 Australia has reopened its borders Monday nearly 600 days after closing, Giving rise to moving reunion scenes at Sydney airport. On March 20, 2020, the Huge Continent Island established one of the strictest closures in the world to protect themselves from the Pandemic of Covid-19. tens of thousands of Australians living abroad found themselves unable to reach their native country for 19 months.

  Après 20 mois de restrictions, les Etats-Unis rouvrent enfin leurs frontières © AFP / Archives

L ES United States are preparing to reopen on Monday their land and air borders to travelers vaccinated against Cvid-19, putting End to 20 months of particularly poor restrictions in Europe or among Mexican and Canadian neighbors.

separate families, disturbed business relations, upset professional ambitions: the "Travel Ban" imposed by Donald Trump at the beginning of 2020, then confirmed by his successor Joe Biden , was very criticized and he became emblematic of upheavals caused by the pandemic.

to guard against the countries most affected by the CVIV-19, Donald Trump had quickly imposed restrictions on travel from the China in February 2020. Then on March 13, it was the tour of the countries of the Europe of Schengen. Will follow Great Britain and Ireland a few days later, while land borders with Mexico and Canada were very closed.

SPD politician has "dark guess": Lauterbach calls Wagnknecht's vaccination dangerous

 SPD politician has has deliberately displayed the left-hand politician Wagenknecht facts about the Corona vaccinations? The SPD health politician sees only two possibilities. © Photo: Imago Images / Photothek / Florian Gärtner Health expert The SPD: Karl Lauderbach. The SPD health expert Karl Lauderbach has criticized statements of the left-hand politician Sahra Wagenknecht.

With all these countries, the density of human and economic exchanges is immense.

"It was so hard," I just want to see my son, "said AFP Alison Henry, a British 63-year-old who will fly on Monday to find his son settled in New York after 20 months of separation.

In many families, on both sides of the Atlantic, there is a lot of feverishment before those family reunions. It was certainly possible to travel from the United States to Europe since last summer, but foreigners settled in the United States and holders of certain visas had no guarantee to return home.

To address this influx of applications, airlines increased the number of transatlantic flights. They will use larger aircraft, because this lifting of restrictions also represents a breath of oxygen for a sector immersed in the crisis by the pandemic.

The United States reopens their borders, prepare for an influx of vaccinated visitors

 The United States reopens their borders, prepare for an influx of vaccinated visitors health-coronavirus-USA-trip: the United States reopened their borders, prepare for an influx of vaccinated visitor © Reuters / Kevin Mohatt The United States reopens their borders, prepare for an influx of Visitors Vaccinated by David Shepardson Washington (Reuters) - the United States expects a flow of international visitors from Monday, whether by the air. Or roads, while the country raises most of the border restrictions imposed early 2020 to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

along the huge Mexican border, many American cities, Texas or California, have suffered economically with this limitation of trade. They look forward to a return to normal.

Video: The American borders reopen November 8 to people (BFMTV)

more anecdotally, north of the continent, the rich Canadian retirees will be able without fear, at the time of the first Frimas, Undertake their annual transhumance by car to Florida and its climatic sweets.

Vaccination and

tests More than thirty countries are concerned by the lifting of this "Travel Ban". But the entry will not be totally free and the US authorities intend to closely monitor the vaccinal status of travelers, at the same time as they continue to demand negative Covid tests.

For travelers arriving by the air, the United States will ask from Monday, in addition to a proof of vaccination and a test within three days before the departure, the establishment by the airlines of A contact tracking system.

Coronavirus: the point on the pandemic in the world

 Coronavirus: the point on the pandemic in the world © Tobias Schwarz A queue in front of a vaccination center in Radeberg, in eastern Germany, November 8, 2021 New measures, new balance sheets and Highlights: One point on the latest developments in the Pandemic of Covid-19 in the world.

For the landway, the lifting of restrictions will be done in two stages.

From Monday, will be able to cross the border of Canada or Mexico people coming for non-essential reasons, for example, family or tourist, provided that they are vaccinated. People coming for imperious motives - for example road drivers - will be exempted.

But from January, the vaccine bond will be worthwhile for all visitors crossing land borders, regardless of their pattern of entry.

US health authorities have also indicated that all vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) would be accepted.

This is for the moment, according to the emergency procedure put in place by WHO, AstraZeneca vaccines, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Pfizer / Biontech, the Indian Covaxin, Sinopharm and Sinovac. These two Chinese vaccines will therefore make it possible to cross the borders of the United States.

The US authorities have not been expressed about the rise in the number of COVID cases in Europe.

WHO is alarmed again with the "very worrying" rhythm of CVIV-19 transmission in Europe, which could lead to half a million additional deaths on the continent by February. This fourth "massive" wave strikes Germany, with which the Bidan administration is particularly caring for its relationship.

But the chief doctor of the United States Vivek Murthy said he was "cautiously optimistic" Sunday on ABC, about the current evolution of the pandemic in the United States.

7/11/2021 4:18:23 p.m. - Washington (AFP) - AFP © 2021

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