US News: How long will it still give cash?: Cash and coins are increasingly losing importation

Best Ager: 50Plus purchasing power is becoming more and more important

 Best Ager: 50Plus purchasing power is becoming more and more important The population in Germany is older and thus also changes the age structure of purchasing generations. Persons from 50 are now part of the most important target group and are becoming increasingly important for sales in the various industries. © Provided by Andrew Burton / Getty Images The population in Germany will be significantly older over the next few years.

Cash is always used less. For some economic sectors, this becomes a problem and future worries are wide. Associations warn now.

Viele Eurobanknoten stecken in einer Geldbörse (gestellte Aufnahme). © Photo: DPA / Patrick Pleul Many EuroKanknoten stuck in a purse (placed recording).

Will cash be abolished soon? A question that gains more important in view of the dwindling importance of cash in everyday life. Economic sectors dependent on seems and coins depend on future worries.

The International Monetary Credit ICA and the Federal Association of German monetary and value services (BDGW) warned on Tuesday in Munich that the cash supply of one day could be too expensive for trade and banks to ensure a nationwide supply.

Who is actually behind ripple?

 Who is actually behind ripple? Ripple is one of the most valuable digital currencies. Within a few years, the token catapulted into the top list of the most sought-after crypto foreign exchange for the world. But who is behind Ripple? © Provided by Mike Clarke / AFP / Getty Images Bitcoin is number one in the world of crypto feeds. Nevertheless, there are a number of other tokens that could enclose. One of them is Ripple XRP .

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"We see the danger that In sight, the cash infrastructure seen under pressure according to the device that this is no longer worthwhile for the operators, "said the BDGW CEO Michael Mewes.

The occasion of these concerns are analyzes of the Bundesbank: Thus, in 2020, 61 percent of all purchases in stationary trade were paid in cash. In 2011, this share was still 82 percent. Nevertheless, the amount of cash in circulation has risen so far further increased - which is interpreted by those skilled in the art that citizens hoard large sums and not spend.

Corona Pandemic has accelerated departure from cash

The Corona pandemic has accelerated the departure from cash to Mewes' words : In the cash centers of the money transporters, the amount of coins counted there and seems since the beginning of the pandemic is therefore 20 to 25 Percent declined.

Corona in Berlin: Incidences are constantly increasing - so violently it is at Berlin's children

 Corona in Berlin: Incidences are constantly increasing - so violently it is at Berlin's children the numbers are no less alarming than last year. But this time it hardly seems to take care of someone. The Corona incidence is increasingly increasing due to the much too low vaccination quota, the delta variant, seasonal effects and very loose rules. The number of death victims also increases. On average, more than 100 people die in Germany every day at Corona. Also in Berlin, the situation does not look good.

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as a negative example of the cash industry Sweden, where cashless payment is much further disseminated than in Germany or Austria. In the Scandinavian land, there are now efforts to improve the poor cash supply again, Jutta BUYSE said the boss of the currency association ICA - an international association of large banknotes manufacturers and other companies in the cash industry. If the minimum supply is no longer guaranteed with cash, "is it scary difficult to recoil back".

a little less pessimistic than the associations is the Munich company Giesecke + Devrient, one of the world's leading banknotes manufacturers in the world. G + D manager Wolfgang Kondmann expects that with the end of the pandemic also the proportion of cash payments rises again. "I see that continuously in recovery," said the boss of the G + D cash division. (dpa)

domestic care after the election campaign - that should change .
© Geralt / Domestic care is normally preferred to home care. But what should change so that the system remains permanently load? The health and elderly care is at least since Corona often in conversation and is safe: clapping alone is not sufficient. Within the care stand, there are significant problems consisting of overloads, personal logs, time-shortness and other difficulties.

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