US News: in Texas, the Conservatives make the police against books sensitizing schoolchildren to racism and gender identity

United States: The Supreme Court examines the anti-abortion law of Texas

 United States: The Supreme Court examines the anti-abortion law of Texas © Getty Images via AFP - Drew Angerer A militant, who refused to give his name, speaks before the Supreme Court to protest the new Texas Abortion Act that prohibits the procedure about six weeks after the beginning of a pregnancy on September 2, 2021 in Washington. In the United States, the Supreme Court will again study this Monday, November, the question of abortion. The nine judges must decide on the recent law voted in the state of Texas.

  Au Texas, les conservateurs font la police contre les livres sensibilisant les écoliers au racisme et à l’identité de genre © Copyright 2021, Obs

behind media coverage and cries of emotion around the "Cancel Culture" and the concept of the "wokism", a school war is declared to the Texas, where the authorities of this Conservative State of the South of the United States attack books sensitive to schoolchildren with racism and gender identity, that they guilt the white children.

In the United States, a "Cancel Culture" can hide another

Illustration of this offensive, led by about fifteen states in the country, a comic book relating the non-intentional micro-aggression that an Afro- American suffers because of its skin color was removed in October school libraries from Western Houston. "New Kid", from Jerry Craft, is part of a list of 850 works established by a parliamentary committee which investigates schools on books evoking racism or institutional sexism.

threatens Texas a player boycott?

 threatens Texas a player boycott? The US state of Texas lately draws attention to some controversial laws. Now the Naacp athletes call not to play for Texan teams. © Provided by threatens Texas a player boycott? is this the beginning of a political revolt in US sports? The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (Naacp), one of the oldest and influential black civil rights organizations of the United States, sent a letter to the player unions of the five fair-profile MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and WNBA on

The debates on these books "will multiply through the country in urban areas where there is a conservative pressure at the state level but where we are more democrat locally," explains to AFP Brandon Rottinghaus, a teacher political science at the University of Houston.

The "critical theory of the breed" questioning

At the other end of the country, the freshly elected Republican governor in Virginia promised that parents will have their say on the books chosen by public schools. During the campaign, he broadcast the testimony of a mother, shocked that his high school student had nightmares after studying "Beloved", a classic of the African-American novelist Toni Morrison - which earned him the Pulitzer Prize in 1988. The book tells the story of a former slave who chooses to kill his child to avoid in turn the atrocities of slavery.

rappers Drake and Travis Scott sued after the stampede that killed eight people in Texas during a festival

 rappers Drake and Travis Scott sued after the stampede that killed eight people in Texas during a festival © CHRIS Delmas American rapper Travis Scott left, September 12, 2021 and US rapper Drake 4 June 2019 on the right. A crowd movement, drama, and now the prosecution. An appeal was filed Sunday against rappers Drake and Travis Scott accused of having "wreaked havoc" at a festival in Texas and be responsible for a movement crowd who made 8 dead and 12 wounded, according to lawyers of the complainant. The Texan Thomas J.

The "wokism", a concept inherited from African American culture

The Conservatives also denounce the teaching of the "critical theory of race", a current of thought analyzing racism in the United States as a system, with its Laws and logics of power to the advantage of white people, rather than individual prejudice against minorities.

It is a question of fighting the "Woke" culture, a term developed by the American left to designate the awareness of the injustices especially related to the color of skin or the genus, and which led to the setting up. Index of books containing racial stereotypes. He has since fallen into disuse in militant and circles recovered by the Conservatives on the right , in the United States as in France.

"Witness Hunting"

The Association of Texas Librarians regretted "growing censorship" in that state, recalling that a "parent has the right to determine what is better for his child, but not For all children ".

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 Houston murderer concert: © Thomas Shea / AFP since Friday, November 5, the population of Houston collects in front of the place where The Astroworld Festival. The world is not near the tragedy of the Astroworld Festival, Friday, November 5th. A crowd movement made 8 dead and 12 wounded at the Astroworld Music Festival, Texas, during a Chat Travis Scott concert. The police opened an investigation and many testimonies were heard.

The Texas Teachers' Association qualified the parliamentary survey of "witch hunting" after the vote of a law very precisely governing the way subjects such as racial or sexual inequalities should be taught.

At the time of "wokism", what's going on really in American universities?

The book "New Kid" finally found its place in the shelves. It has been translated into ten tongues ("the new", in French) and crowned with prestigious prices. Inspired by his personal experience and that of his children, Jerry Craft evokes with finesse the difficulties of an African-American college to integrate into a predominantly white private establishment. "If we were working together and that I did not know something that offends you, you should be able to tell me without my angry," he explains to AFP.

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