US News: China and the US Close Agreement for more climate protection

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 US companies Less satisfied with Germany You are important employers in Germany and even with large acquisitions, US companies are active. The Germany location will rate less than 2020. Therefore, they demand reforms from the future government. © Picture Alliance / DPA / L. Mirgel Provided by Deutsche Wave US companies are not so satisfied with Germany as in the previous year. This has revealed the current survey of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany (Amcham Germany) among the 50 highest-selling US companies in this country .

Glasgow. China and the US are the two biggest greenhouse gas issuers. At the UN Climate Conference, countries have now concluded an agreement for more climate protection.

 Xie Zhenhua, Gesandter aus China, spricht bei der UN-Klimakonferenz COP26. © Alastair Grant Xie Zhenhua, Messenger from China, talks to the UN Climate Conference COP26.

The Chinese Climate Landes Xie Zhenhua announced on Wednesday evening in Glasgow. "Both sides realize that there is a gap between the current efforts and the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement," said Xie with a view to the threatening global warming of 2.7 degrees.

Therefore, both countries would jointly strengthen climate protection, Xie added. To do this, the agreement contains "concrete plans". The agreement was thus developed in the past ten months in 30 online meetings of both countries.

Dissatisfaction on traffic light negotiations: The Greens want to come from their strategic dilemma

 Dissatisfaction on traffic light negotiations: The Greens want to come from their strategic dilemma the greens remain in the traffic light conversations little pressure medium. Especially in climate protection SPD and FDP should not be exploited. A comment. © Photo: Imago / ImageBroker / Obermeier The Greens are measured in the traffic light at the successes of climate protection. A diffuse dissatisfaction has been noticeable in the negotiators of the Greens for a while. But like that is at these traffic light talks : No one wanted to say something concrete.

"As the two major powers in the world we have to take responsibility to work with other pages in combating climate change," Xie said. He also secured that both countries in Glasgow also recorded the completion of the rule book for the concrete implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement.

The US Climate Standed John Kerry confirmed the agreement. Collaboration with climate protection is "the only way" to cope with the climate crisis, he said in Glasgow. UN Secretary General António Gutres praised the agreement of the two countries as "important step in the right direction".

The Paris Agreement provides a limitation of global warming to significantly lower than two degrees, but at 1.5 degrees. Currently, in accordance with UN information, the Earth is governed by 2.7 degrees until the century after the fulfillment of all national climate protection commitments to a momentous warming. China and the US jointly create almost 40 percent of worldwide climate-damaging CO2 emissions.

Glasgow and the world walk for the climate

 Glasgow and the world walk for the climate © AFP S Os a diluvian rain Glasgow prepares Saturday to be the epicenter of a global mobilization that must see tens of thousands of protesters across the planet call to the Action against climate change that threatens humanity. from Sydney to Paris via London, Nairobi or Mexico, more than 200 events are planned, according to the coalition of organizations causing the mobilization.

in Glasgow has been negotiating almost 200 countries for the concrete implementation of the Paris Agreement of 2015 since 31 October. Officially, the COP26 should end on Friday.

China had disappointed shortly before the global climate conference with its revised climate target. In it, the most populous country in the world was confirmed that it wants to achieve 2060 CO2 neutrality by the year. The country's greenhouse gas emissions should reach its peak before 2030, so until then could rise significantly.

has also been criticized in many cases that China's President Xi Jinping was unlike numerous other Heads of State and Government at the start of the UN Climate Conference had not traveled to Glasgow. Being the US and the Federal Government had called Beijing to declare climate protection.

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