US News: Migrants: Belarus accused of Western Instrumentalization

Poland-Belarus: The tragedy experienced by the thousands of migrants may last

 Poland-Belarus: The tragedy experienced by the thousands of migrants may last © Via Reuters - Obtained by Reuters it was 1 ° Celsius Wednesday 10 November in the morning in the border Polish region with Belarus. Thousands of migrants, by glacial time, always hope to cross the Polish border and set foot in the European Union. They arrived there because Belarus's authoritarian regime provided them visas, before pushing them to the border with Poland, who does not want to welcome them. These migrants are currently in a prohibited area between the two countries.

  Migrants : la Biélorussie accusée d'instrumentalisation par les Occidentaux © Vincent Isore / Maxppp / IP3 Press / Maxppp

L 'Diplomatic Climbing continues. European and American members of the UN Security Council condemned Thursday, November 11 in a joint statement "orchestrated instrumentalization" by Belarus at the border with the Poland in order to "destabilize the external border of the European Union ". At the end of a closed emergency meeting convened by the Estonia , the France and the Ireland , the six countries in question (with the United States, Norway and the Kingdom -Uni) have estimated in their statement that the goal of Belarus was also "destabilizing neighboring countries" and "to divert attention from its own growing human rights violations".

Migration Crisis: Poland deploys thousands of soldiers at its border with Belarus

 Migration Crisis: Poland deploys thousands of soldiers at its border with Belarus © P - Leonid Shcheglov Migrants face Polish police officers at the border between Poland and Belarus on November 8, 2021. The situation Stay extremely tense at the border between Poland and Belarus. Several thousand refugees are still massed at the border on the Belarusian side facing the military device set up by Poland.

The emergency session lasted a little over half an hour. The declaration does not mention Russia, support from Belarus since the beginning of the crisis and, before the meeting, challenged the accusations of Westerners, ensuring not participate with Minsk when the border migrants with Poland . "This tactic is unacceptable and calls for a strong international reaction and cooperation in order to request accounts to Belarus," said the signatories of the declaration read by Ambassador Estonian Sven Jürgenson, without however evoke concrete measures.

Video: The EU accuses Belarus to Instrumentalize Migrants "Like a thug" (France 24)

"A threat to regional stability"

"It shows how the regime of (Alexander ) Loukachenko has become a threat to regional stability. We call on the Belarus authorities to put an end to these inhuman actions and not to put the lives of people in danger, "they added. The signatories expressed their "solidarity with Poland and Lithuania" on the other hand. "(We) are ready to discuss new steps we can take to support them and target people involved and contributing to the activities of the Loukachenko regime that facilitate the illegal crossing of the European Union's external borders", did they affirm .

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Migrant crisis: Poland claims that Belarus has changed tactics .
© Valery Ax Polish Minister of Defense believes that the Belarusian border problem may last several months. AFP / Belta / Maxim Guchek New accusations at the heart of the migratory crisis in the east of Europe. According to Polish Minister of Defense, Belarus has changed tactics in the crisis with his Polish neighbor by now leading groups of smaller migrants to multiple points along the Eastern border of the European Union.

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