US News: Tensions Between Russia and Western Powers to the UN About Belarus

NATO judges "unacceptable" how Belarus "uses" the migrants

 NATO judges © Kacper Pempel / Reuters a vehicle circulates near a fence built by Polish soldiers on the border between Poland and Belarus near the Village of Nomiki, Poland, August 26, 2021. Photo Stock Illustration. An NATO manager denounces the use of migrants by the Belarusian regime, accused of deliberately encouraging the illegal entry of foreigners in Poland in particular, in response to the penalties that the European Union imposed on Minsk for violations of human rights.

Europe-Migrants-Belarus-UN: Tensions Between Russia and Western Powers at the UN About Belarus

TENSIONS ENTRE RUSSIE ET PUISSANCES OCCIDENTALES À L'ONU À PROPOS DE LA BIÉLORUSSIE © Reuters / Handout. Tensions Between Russia and Western Powers at the UN About Belarus

by Michelle Nichols

United Nations (Reuters) - Russia and Western countries have been confronted on Thursday at a meeting of the Security Council of the Security Council UN About the migration crisis on the border between Belarus and Poland, a Russian diplomat believing that its European counterparts had a "masochistic penchant".

During a meeting in camera of the Council, composed of 15 members, France, Estonia, Ireland, Norway, the United States and Great Britain referred to the migration crisis at the border between Belarus and Poland, which is a member of the European Union.

New Year of Russian Bombardiers Above Belarus

 New Year of Russian Bombardiers Above Belarus Europe-Migrants-Belarus-Russia-Bombardiers: New Russian Bomber Exercise Above Belarus © Reuters / Vasily Fedosenko New Year of Russian Bombardiers Above From Belarus Moscow (Reuters) - Two Russian Bombardiers Tu-160 with nuclear capacity carried out Thursday's military exercises above Belarus in a context of tensions between Minsk and Warsaw on migrants massed at the borders of Belarus. and Poland.

In a statement, these countries have said "condemning the orchestrated instrumentalization of human beings whose lives and well-being have been endangered for political purposes by Belarus, with the aim of destabilizing neighboring countries and the external boundaries of the European Union, and to divert attention from its own human rights violations ".

CRISE MIGRATOIRE: LES PUISSANCES OCCIDENTALES ONT DÉCRIT COMME © Reuters / Vasily Fedosenko Migration crisis: Western powers described as "unacceptable" the attitude of Belarus

video: migratory crisis in Belarus: Russia rejects any accusation of interference (France 24)

They described as "unacceptable" the attitude of Belarus, accusing its President Alexander Loukachenko to become a threat to the stability of the region, and called for an international response "strong" so that Minsk makes accounts . "Additional measures" will be discussed, they added.

Migratory crisis: Vladimir Putin calls on the EU to restore the contact with Belarus

 Migratory crisis: Vladimir Putin calls on the EU to restore the contact with Belarus © Reuters Humanitarian distribution for migrants near the Belarus-Polish border, in the region of Grodno, Belarus, November 11, 2021. While EU members are preparing to adopt sanctions against Belarus, accused of orchestrating the arrival of several thousand migrants at the gates of Europe, Vladimir Putin asked on Thursday to restore the Dialogue with Minsk.

The EU warned that it could shortly adopt a new penalty train against Minsk, already targeted by European sanctions for its violent repression of anti-government demonstrations, while Belarus threatened to cut off gas deliveries to Europe.

Brussels believes that Minsk orchestrates the migratory crisis on the Polish border and helps migrants to visit other neighboring countries in retaliation to European sanctions.

Belarus has said feared climbing to an armed conflict in the region.

speaking in front of the journalists upstream of the Security Council meeting, the Deputy Ambassador of Russia to the UN, Dimitri Polyansky, said that his European counterparts had "a kind of masochistic penchant because lifting in front of We do this, which is a total shame for the EU, would be very courageous ".

Asked about a possible help brought by Russia, or by Belarus, to migrants so that they reach the Polish border, the Russian diplomat responded in the negative. He added that it was not necessary for the Council to look at all the problems.

Permanent member of the Council, Russia has a veto right that can protect Belarus from any attempt by UN sanctions.

(Michelle Nichols report, French version Jean Terzian)

migration crisis at the gates of Europe: a majority of exiles sheltered, more than 400 repatriated .
431 Iraqis have been repatriated, thousands of exile candidates still remain blocked at the gates of Europe . Germany will not welcome them. The EU tightens ranks around Poland against Belarus. © Hussein Ibrahim / Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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